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Imperial War Museum Department of Documents: 2011 Accessions

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  • Elizabeth Mary Patricia Bell, legal secretary to Sir Douglas Young, Allied Commission for Austria: letters, diaries and official papers rel to service with Allied Commission for Austria 1945-1948 (Documents 19081)
  • Julienne Biliaurd, ambulance driver, French Army: journal and documents rel to service during Second World War 1914-1918
  • Lt Cdr John Bridge, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, George Cross, George Medal and Bar: diaries rel to service as a bomb disposal expert, Second World War c1930-2006
  • Sqn Ldr Roger Joyce Bushell, Royal Air Force: letters, papers and photographs rel to service, and involvement in 'Great Escape' from Stalag Luft II, Poland, 1944 1910-1944
  • Lt R A Casares, Intelligence Staff, 8th Parachute Battalion, 3rd Parachute Bridge (6th Airborne Division): memoir rel to service 1944
  • Capt Richard Charles Gordon Dartford, British Mission, Portuguese Expeditionary Corps: diaries rel to service as a liaison officer, Western Front 1917-1918 (Documents.17483)
  • Solomon Isaac Davidowitz, Rhodesia Regiment Kings African Rifles and Captain, Somaliland Camel Corps: letters and papers rel to military service and activities with Zionist youth group in South Africa 1939-1945 (Documents.19917)
  • Major G W Enever, Intelligence Corps: personal and official papers rel to service during Second World War, incl repatriation of German and Italian prisoners of war from North Africa and Italy 1939-1945
  • Capt William M Gardner, Camouflage Training Centre: papers rel to service with Camouflage Training Centre, Royal Engineers, Second World War 1929-1945
  • Capt J M Grant, 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders: memoir rel to service during the Malayan Emergency 1949-1951
  • Capt William Thomas Griffiths, HMS Tara: diary and papers rel to service, surviving torpedoing of ship, capture off North Africa, time as Prisoner of War at Bir Hakim in the Libyan desert 1915-1916 (Documents18837)
  • Harold Guard, war correspondent, United Press: telegrams and cables, Second World War 1939-1945
  • Mary E Johnston, nurse, Tehran, Second World War: memoir rel to service at hospital camp incl challenges of disease, lack of medicines and language barriers 1942 (Documents 19934)
  • Frank T Kehoe, prisoner of war, Far East, Second World War: letters rel to time as prisoner of war and liberation in 1945 1942-1945
  • Lt Cdr Douglas Cameron Lavender, surgeon, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve: letters rel to service as Principal Medical Officer, HMS Bermuda, British Pacific Fleet 1945 (Documents17940)
  • Cdr David Lyons, United States Navy, USS Bengham First World War: papers rel to enlistment as Englishman in US Navy and command of destroyer, USS Benham 1880-1918
  • Donald Mitchell, evacuee to Australia, Second World War: letters home rel to experiences as evacuee to Australia 1940-1944
  • R Payne, driver and mechanic, 63rd Anti Tank Regiment (Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars): memoir rel to service incl first entry of British Soldiers to Bergen Belsen concentration camp 1939-1945
  • Lt Cdr Vladimir Peniakoff, No 1 Demolition Squadron, DCO, MC: papers rel to squadron and career, incl membership, annotated maps, Second World War papers and drafts of post war books and articles 1940-1970
  • Air Commodore Richard C M Pink: diary and letters rel to service during First World War with RNAS, and from 1918-1931 with RAF 1914-1931
  • Capt Cecil Harold Porter, Royal Naval Air Service: manuscript account rel to capture by Bolshevik forces after forced landing at Odessa, prepared for Committee on the Treatment of British Prisoners of War 1918-1920 (Documents 18847)
  • S/Lt Edgar Robert Sindall, Coastal Motor Boat Flotilla, Gulf of Finland, Royal Naval Reserves: papers rel to service during Allied intervention in North Russia 1919 (Documents.19569)
  • Brig D A Stirling, 13th/18th Royal Hussars: memoir rel to experiences in command in France and Belgium 1940