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Parliamentary Archives: 2011 Accessions

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  • Gertrude Lenwood, nee Wilson, daughter of Henry Joseph Wilson, MP (Lib) for Holmfirth: parliamentary portraits, notebook incl images of MPs arranged by types of facial hair and totals for different types 1892-1895 (HL/PO/RO/1/198)
  • John Whitehurst III, horologist, designer of Great Clock mechanism for Palace of Westminster: plans and designs c1840-1850
  • House of Commons, Office of the Chief Executive: records of Whitley Committee incl annual progress report, meeting papers (2001-2004); staff photographs (1995-2008); staff magazine (1995-2008) 1995-2008 (HC/OCE)
  • House of Commons, Committee Office: records of committees incl Business, Schools and families; Communities and Local Government; Culture, Media and Sport; Defence; Education; Employment; Foreign Affairs; Health; Political and Constitutional Reform; Science and Technology; Transport; Treasury; Work and Pensions 1960-2010 (HC/CL/CO)
  • House of Commons, Serjeant at Arms: records rel to Jubilee Line extension and Harmon enquiry 1989-2003 (HC/SJ)
  • House of Lords, Private Bill Office: records, orders under Transport and Works Act 1992 1993-2010 (HL/PO/PB)
  • House of Lords, Public Bill Office: files 2008-2009 (HL/PO/PU)
  • House of Lords, Department of Facilities: records rel to Millbank Island site project 2010
  • House of Lords, Committee Office: records of committees incl Communications, Constitution, Economic Affairs, European Union, Science and Technology 1999-2010 (HL/CP, HL/PO/CO, HL/PO/JT)
  • House of Lords, Clerk of the Parliament's Office: records incl minutes, corresp, meeting and committee papers, procedures and staff files 1993-2010 (HL/PO/CP)
  • House of Commons, House of Commons Library: papers, votes and proceedings; information management group papers 2004-2006 (HC/LB)
  • House of Commons, Speaker's Office: records of Special advisers; Second Interim Report and Equality Bill amendments 2008-2010 (HC/SO)
  • House of Lords, Journal Office: records incl statistics, main papers, journal and Commissions of Royal Assent 2008-2010 (HL/PO/JO)
  • House of Lords, House of Lords Library: deposited papers 2002 (HL/PO/LB)
  • House of Lords, Parliamentary Archives: Royal Gallery display case files (2001-2004), with publicity materials (2009-2010) 2001-2010 (HL/PO/RO)
  • House of Lords, Judicial Office: records incl appeal cases, petitions and judgements 2008-2009 (HL/PO/JU)
  • House of Commons, Committee Office: sessional returns (1926-1999), office management group minutes (2001-2005) 1926-2005 (HC/CL/CO)
  • House of Commons, Clerk of the House: records rel to Parliament Act, approvals, visitor reception and security, VRB project papers, Clerk's department, shorthand writers and Damian Green 1962-2010 (HC/CL/CH)
  • House of Commons, House of Commons Commission: records incl inquiries, questions, resolutions and proceedings 2001-2006 (HC/COMM)
  • House of Commons, Vote Office: papers rel to considerations for change in systems and processes 1976-1995 (HC/CL/VO)