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Natural History Museum: 2011 Accessions

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  • Kajetan Ludwik Boratynski, entomologist: notebooks rel to collecting of hemiptera species with loose notes and papers 1948-1963
  • Christopher D Cornes, botanical photographer: photographic slides (1158) of Gulf and United States desert fauna 1980-2005 (422681-1001)
  • Heinrich Frey, German-born Swiss entomologist: manuscript of article with Jacob Boll, published in Steittiner Entomologische Zeitung, vol 39, 1878 1877
  • John Heath, entomologist: notebooks rel to collecting (20); field diaries (7) 1936-1985
  • William Henry Sykes, army officer and naturalist: records incl notes and drawings 1824-1831 (419574-1001)