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London University: Institute of Education: 2011 Accessions

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  • Bernard Barker, professor of educational leadership and management, University of Leicester: papers incl corresp with family and friends and material rel to teaching career 1946-2010 (DC/BAR)
  • Leila Berg, author: records rel to education and children's rights incl corresp, papers and material rel to the Peckham 'experiment' (the Peckham Pioneer Health Centre) 1942-2002 (DC/LBE)
  • James Nimmo Britton, educationalist: personal papers 1940-1980s (DC/JB)
  • Marina Foster, teacher and campaigner: material rel to her role as a campaigner for children's rights and against racial discrimination (DC/MF)
  • Jessie Frances Harrison, teacher: teacher training and teaching notes 1931-1960 (DC/JFH)
  • Michael Marland, educationist: records incl material rel to schools incl North Westminster Community School, corresp and papers rel to work at the Institute of Education and organisations incl the National Association for Pastoral Care in Education c1950-2008 (DC/MAR)
  • Nancy Martin, educationist: records incl research papers, corresp with Jimmy Britton and material rel to the Institute of Education 1940-1980s (DC/NM)
  • Rosemary Sassoon, handwriting expert: illustrative material for publications incl slides and examples of children's work 1980-1990s (DC/SA)
  • British Families Education Service/Service Childrens Education Association: additional material 1945-2010 (DC/BFE)
  • General Teaching Council for England: records rel to governance, regulation, registration, policy and communications 2000-2010 (GTCE)
  • Legatt Trust: minutes, corresp and files rel to educational projects funded by the Trust in Africa c1960-2010 (DC/LGT)
  • Librarians of Institutes and Schools of Education: financial, meeting and membership papers and Charity Commission corresp 1951-2008 (DC/LIS)
  • Teaching and Learning Research Programme: papers 1999-2009 (DC/TLRP)
  • Pre-school Playgroups Association: communications, quality improvement and human resources records 1992-2011 (DC/PPA)
  • Schools Council: 'The Development of Writing Abilities, 11-18' and 'Writing Across the Curriculum' projects research data and administration papers 1960-1970s (DC/WRI)