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National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections: 2011 Accessions

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  • George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, poet: vault visitors book rel to Lord Byrons interment in Hucknall Torkard Church 1825-34 (Acc.13253)
  • William Sydney Graham, poet: letters from Graham and his wife to Sylvia Thompson, with photographs and art-work 1982-87 (Acc.13264)
  • Alasdair James Gray, author and artist: further literary papers and corresp c1950-2011 (Acc.13289)
  • Peter Haining, mixed media artist: corresp, drawings and papers (The Attic Archive) 20th cent-21st cent (Acc.13227)
  • Lord James Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, MP: further papers, mostly on historical matters 1985-2008 (Acc.13223)
  • Doug Johnstone, author: further literary papers and corresp 2008-11 (Acc.13300)
  • Osbert Lancaster, cartoonist and designer: cartoons and drawings 1939-82 (Acc.13237)
  • Jacques Laudy, Belgian illustrator: drawings (15), evidently intended as illustrations for an edition of "Kidnapped", with cognate material 1941-42 (Acc.13291)
  • Thomas Sturdy Law, poet: literary papers 1943-97 (Acc.13225)
  • Alastair Webster Mackie, poet and teacher: literary and personal papers 1937-95 (Acc.13233)
  • Edwin Muir, poet and author and Willa Muir, author and translator: corresp, photographs and other papers of and rel to them c1920-93 (Acc.13226)
  • David Roberts, painter: letters and papers of and rel to him 1847-64 (Acc.13281)
  • James Robertson, writer: literary papers, rel to "Joseph Knight" and "The Testament of Gideon Mack" c2000-06 (Acc.13247)
  • Ronald Stevenson, composer: additional music MSS 1961-89 (Acc.13257)
  • Emma Christina Tennant, novelist and journalist: literary papers 1996-2009 (Acc.13255)
  • David Thomson, author, researcher and BBC radio producer: further literary and personal papers c1916-96 (Acc.13259)
  • John Murray, publishers, London: further papers 18th cent-20th cent (Acc.13236)
  • "Painted, spoken", magazine: editorial papers, mainly corresp and typescripts of poems 2000-2010 (Acc.13246)
  • Gude Cause Project, celebration of women's suffrage: electronic archive, digital images, sound and video recordings 2008-10 (Acc.13293)
  • St Colm's College, Edinburgh, women's missionary training college: records 1839-2010 (Acc.13301)
  • Waldensian Missions Aid Society Scotland: additional records 1865-1975 (Acc.13298)