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Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre: 2011 Accessions

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  • Philip John Noel-Baker, Baron Noel Baker, politician: papers rel to Fridtjof Nansen's mission to the 'near East' 1922 (NBKR)
  • Max Born, German physicist: additional papers, incl letters and photographs 20th cent (BORN)
  • Henry Winston Churchill, author: financial and other papers 20th cent (PCHL)
  • Winston Spencer Churchill, Conservative MP: personal and political papers 20th cent (WSCH)
  • Robert Geoffrey Edwards, physiologist and pioneer in reproductive medicine: additional scientific and associated papers c1940-2011 (EDWS, EDWS AS)
  • Sir Michael David Milroy Franklin, civil servant: additional personal and political papers 20th cent (FKLN)
  • Sir William Rede Hawthorne, Professor of Applied Thermodynamics: further scientific corresp and papers 20th cent (HATN)
  • Sir Bernard Ingham, civil servant: further papers rel to SONE (Supporters of Nuclear Energy) c1990-2000 (INGH)
  • Sir John Edward Lennard-Jones, theoretical chemist and physicist: further scientific papers 20th cent (LEJO)
  • Richard Denis Lucien Kelly, Crown Court Recorder: audio and video recordings of his recollections of Winston Spencer Churchill c1990-2000 (DEKE)
  • Neil Gordon Kinnock, MP Leader of Labour Party: further papers, incl material rel to his work for the European Commission and British Council c1990-2000 (KNNK)
  • Sir Aaron Klug, chemist: further scientific papers 20th cent (KLUG)
  • Hugh Lunghi, interpreter: papers from the British Military Mission to Moscow and the 'Big Three' wartime conferences in Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam 1943-1945 (LUNG)
  • Max Ferdinand Perutz, biologist: corresp and recording of interview 20th cent (PRTZ AS)
  • Adam Nicholas Ridley, investment banker and economic adviser: further political papers c1970-1989 (RDLY)
  • Anne Seagrim, private secretary to Duke of Windsor: papers and photographs 20th cent (SEAG)
  • Sir John Boothman Stuttard, businessman: papers as Lord Mayor of the City of London 2006-2007 (STUT)
  • Sir Alan Arthur Walters, economist: diaries and political papers c1980-1989 (WTRS)
  • Wayland Hilton Young, 2nd Baron Kennet, author and politician: further personal and political papers c1950-2000 (KNNT)