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Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2011 Accessions

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  • Francis Maitland Balfour, comparative embryologist and morphologist: papers (MS Add. 9893)
  • George Parker Bidder, biologist: undergraduate notes on morphology and comparative anatomy 1882-86 (MS Add. 9917)
  • Joseph Cartwright Brettell, mining engineer, businessman: accounts and letter books (2) incl letters from Egypt and Syria 1834-1854 (MS Add. 9952)
  • Harold James Brindley, zoologist and antiquary: papers on lizards' tails; Maud Brindley corresp and papers c1890-1930 (MS Add. 9922)
  • John Samuel Budgett, zoologist: drawings of external features of early stages of Polypterus (MS Add. 9906)
  • Christopher Robert Cheney, historian: papers incl those of his wife (MS Add. 9935)
  • John Patrick William Ehrman, historian: research papers on William Pitt (MS Add. 9934)
  • JE Emmett, bandsman: Boer War diaries 1899-1902 (MS Add. 9947)
  • Torkel Weis-Fogh, Danish zoologist: teaching materials for lecturers and practicals 1954-58 (MS Add. 9896)
  • Leonard William Forster, Professor of German: corresp rel to the Anglica Germanica series c1960-89 (MS Add. 9928)
  • Sir Michael Foster, physiologist and politician: papers on sponges 1860 (MS Add. 9924)
  • Robert Were Fox, inventor: collection of papers of or rel to him c1820-1910 (MS Add. 9942)
  • John Stanley Gardiner, zoologist: papers on corals (MS Add. 9910)
  • George Cornelius Gorham, Anglican clergyman, antiquary and genealogist: volume of poems c1802-04 (MS Add. 9951)
  • Charles John Joseph Hamson, jurist: corresp and papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9957)
  • Sir William Bate Hardy, biologist: notes on oxidation processes 1892-93 (MS Add. 9913)
  • James Edward Hepburn, ornithologist: papers on zoological collections (MS Add. 9900)
  • Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz, philosopher: papers (MS Add. 9938)
  • Ernst Hermann Meyer, German composer and musicologist: papers incl music MSS (MS Add. 9937)
  • Alfred Merle Norman, Canon of Durham and zoologist: corresp and papers (MS Add. 9912)
  • George Nuttall, bacteriologist: notebooks on ticks and parasites (MS Add. 9933)
  • Capt Samuel James Paget: corresp and scrapbooks c1900-20 (MS Add. 9948)
  • John Frederick Herbert Peters, typographic designer: papers 1946-64 (MS Add. 9929)
  • Samuel Sandars, bibliophile: book bills, receipted invoices and corresp with booksellers (1 vol) c1880-99 (MS Add. 9944)
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: letters to Cyril Tomkinson with related items 1922-46 (MS Add. 9926)
  • John Peter Scupham, poet: corresp and literary papers (MS Add. 9941)
  • William George Searle, historian: diary 1854-57 (MS Add. 9931)
  • S Durai Raja Singam, Malaysian scholar: corresp and collections on Ananda Coomaraswamy 1900-90 (MS Add. 9950)
  • George Brettingham Sowerby, geologist: volume of watercolours of shells (MS Add. 9905)
  • Jane Stockdale: spiritual journal and commonplace book 1834-41 (MS Add. 9939)
  • Hugh Edwin Strickland, geologist and zoologist: Oxford lectures on volcanic geology 1850-53 (MS Add. 9903)
  • Hugh Watson, conchologist: letters to AE Ellis on malacological matters 1940-57 (MS Add. 9907)
  • Arthur Westcott, Anglican clergyman and author: poetry commonplace book 1879-86 (MS Add. 9953)
  • Clive Wilmer, poet, translator and literary critic: literary papers (MS Add. 9958)
  • Clarion Publishing Ltd, Alton: records 1986-2011 (MS Add. 9927)
  • Association of Scientific Workers, Cambridge branch: minute book 1934-1939 (MS Add. 9940)
  • Charles Darwin Memorial Committee, Cambridge: minutes 1877-1882 (MS Add. 9881)
  • International Congress of Zoology, Cambridge meeting: guard book of corresp and papers 1898-1903 (MS Add. 9904)
  • Oxford and Cambridge Zoologists' Club: minutes and accounts 1923-1949 (MS Add. 9880)