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Major accessions to repositories in 2011 relating to Science


Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

  • Patrick Alfred Buxton, entomologist: records incl family papers 20th cent (AR 45/2011)

Devon Record Office

  • Exeter Geological Society: minutes, accounts and papers 1973-2004 (8183)

Lancashire Archives

  • Preston Scientific Society: records incl minutes of council and section, membership and financial records, Society history 1876-2011 (DDX 1437)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • Harlow Moor Observatory: registers of meteorological observations 1904-1923 (DC/HRG)

Suffolk Record Office, Lowestoft Branch

  • Herbert Dennis Collings, anthropologist and museum curator: personal and working papers, incl ethnographic material rel to Africa and the Far East, papers rel to pioneering dictionary of the Semelai language and photograph albums from Africa, Singapore, Malaya and Southwold 1914-2005 (2089)
  • Claude Morley, entomologist and antiquary: letters to Dudley Willis Collings 20th cent (2089)

Tyne and Wear Archives

  • Sir Charles Algernon Parsons, engineer and scientist: corresp 1891-1908 (DX1401)


Parliamentary Archives

  • John Whitehurst III, horologist, designer of Great Clock mechanism for Palace of Westminster: plans and designs c1840-1850


Institution of Engineering and Technology Archives

  • Eric Douglas Hendry, inventor: papers, patents and reports rel to Hendry's work 1922-1976 (NAEST 214)
  • Denis C Howroyd, electrical engineer: papers and reports 1970-1993 (SC MSS 193)
  • Matthew Henry Johnson, computer scientist: memoirs, corresp, photographs and papers rel to early computers 1943-2002 (SC MSS 194)
  • J J Young, electrical engineer: notebook rel to Southport Electricity Works and photograph album containing images of Ford Motor Company works, Dagenham (SC MSS 198)

Royal Society

  • Alec Douglas Bangham, biophysicist: records incl corresp and papers on lipsome research 1950s-2010 (ADB)
  • Alexander Oliver Rankine, Professor of Physics and Secretary of the Royal Institution: lecture notes, corresp, photographs and reports rel to sound transmission by light and work on systems for airfield fog clearance 1916-1945 (MS/877)
  • David Tabor, physicist: papers rel to tribology, the study of frictional interaction between surfaces 1929-1954

Wellcome Library

  • George Fraser, geneticist: papers and digital papers rel to career incl paediatric conditions 1861-2011 (PP/GRF)
  • Marcus Pembrey, clinical geneticist: papers rel to career incl Institute of Child Health, Medical Research Council, and Department of Health c1960-2011 (PP/MEP)


Aberdeen University, Special Libraries and Archives

  • Culterty Field Station: additional papers 1950-1995 (Acc no 484)

Bath University Archives

  • David Fishlock, journalist and science writer: corresp, papers, examples of writings and copies of publications 1950-2005 (FISHLOCK)

Bristol University Information Services: Special Collections

  • Ross Vernon Hesketh, scientist: papers rel to 'A less erroneous kinetic theory of gases' 2003-2009 (DM2279)
  • MS calculations in the hand of Albert Einstein on relativistic field theory presented to University of Bristol Department of Physics by Professor J F Nye 1952 (DM2280)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • George Parker Bidder, biologist: undergraduate notes on morphology and comparative anatomy 1882-86 (MS Add. 9917)
  • Sir William Bate Hardy, biologist: notes on oxidation processes 1892-93 (MS Add. 9913)
  • George Brettingham Sowerby, geologist: volume of watercolours of shells (MS Add. 9905)
  • Hugh Edwin Strickland, geologist and zoologist: Oxford lectures on volcanic geology 1850-53 (MS Add. 9903)
  • Association of Scientific Workers, Cambridge branch: minute book 1934-1939 (MS Add. 9940)
  • Charles Darwin Memorial Committee, Cambridge: minutes 1877-1882 (MS Add. 9881)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • Max Born, German physicist: additional papers, incl letters and photographs 20th cent (BORN)
  • Robert Geoffrey Edwards, physiologist and pioneer in reproductive medicine: additional scientific and associated papers c1940-2011 (EDWS, EDWS AS)
  • Sir William Rede Hawthorne, Professor of Applied Thermodynamics: further scientific corresp and papers 20th cent (HATN)
  • Sir John Edward Lennard-Jones, theoretical chemist and physicist: further scientific papers 20th cent (LEJO)
  • Sir Aaron Klug, chemist: further scientific papers 20th cent (KLUG)

Durham University Library, Special Collections

  • Sir Fred Hoyle, astronomer: Durham University group photos belonging to F.J. Hoyle 1923-1949 (UND)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Edward William Binney, geologist: field notebook 1836-1840 (2011/26)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House

  • James Clyde Mitchell, sociologist and anthropologist: additional papers 1932-86 (MSS. Afr. s. 2486)

Strathclyde University Archives

  • Andersonian Chemical Society, Glasgow: membership book 1947-1953 (OK 5)

University of Birmingham: Cadbury Research Library : Special Collections

  • John Edwards, geneticist: research and professional papers 1947-2010 (US99)