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Major accessions to repositories in 2011 relating to Literary History


Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

  • Admiral Sir Sydney Robert Fremantle: ms draft of 'My Naval Career' (167pp, incomplete) c1940-49 (D-FR)

Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Chester Literature Festival: records 1989-2009 (D 8203)

Conwy Archive Service

  • Huw Selwyn Owen, poet and carpenter: papers, poems and photographs 1921-1998 (CX461, CP450)

Dumfries and Galloway Archives

  • Roger Quin, poet: poems, corresp, proofs, news-cuttings and photographs 1905-30 (GGD707)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Stutchbury family of Friston: records incl papers of Oliver Stutchbury, writer 19th-20th cent (ACC 10995)

Essex Record Office

  • Frank Hermann, author, publisher and bookseller: articles or 'Musings' written for Woodham parish magazine, corresp and other records 2003-2011 (A13121)

Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Florence Robinson: diary-memoir primarily rel to First and Second World War experiences in southern England 1914-45 (98A11)
  • Jane Austen's House Museum, Chawton: archives incl music books, recollections by Cassandra Austen, and Austen family corresp c1775-1863 (28A11)

Henry Moore Institute Archive

  • Rupert Forbes Gunnis, art historian: corresp, photographs, diaries and journals c1900-1965 (2011.218)

Herefordshire Record Office

  • John Edward Masefield, poet: written address to mayor of Hereford 1930 (CM61)
  • Jeremy Sandford, playwright: papers 1960s - 1980s (CM53)

Hull History Centre (Hull City Archives)

  • Winifred Holtby, author and journalist: letter to her friend Sybil Babington, photographs of author 1906-2001 (C DMX/326)
  • Hull Literary Club: minutes, corresp, publications, LPs 1897-2011 (C DSLIT)

Huntingdonshire Archives

  • Huntingdon Writers' Group: minutes, reports, attendance lists, newsletters, photographs and other records 1996-2008 (Accession 5493)

Lancashire Archives

  • Robert Neill, novelist: additional literary manuscripts 20th cent (DDX 104)
  • Frank Tilsley, novelist, dramatist and broadcaster: literary manuscripts 20th cent (DDX 104)

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office for

  • Ronald Moore, art historian and journalist: personal diaries, lecture notes, slides, published works on artists, private presses' publications c1960-1999 (DE8073)

Liverpool Record Office

  • Olga Maginsky, novelist and playwright: personal and literary papers 1950-80 (Acc 6429)

North Devon Record Office

  • Brian Chugg, artist and writer: additional research notes, photographs and papers 20th cent (A455)

Oldham Local Studies & Archives

  • James Purdy, artist, Oldham: notes for various publications c1930-40 (2011/35)

Orkney Archive

  • George Mackay Brown, author: literary papers 1949-96 (D124)

Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

  • Nicholas Toms Carrington, poet: corresp with Henry Incledon Johns with verses, and sketches by Johns 1825-1850 (3761)

Sandwell Community History and Archives Service

  • Eleanor Overfield, nee Gurmin: notebooks containing travel journals, poems, anthologies and musings, documents, photographs c1900-1970 (2011/30)

Sheffield Archives

  • Ebenezer Elliott, Corn Law rhymer: signed manuscript poem 19th cent (X483)

Somerset Heritage Centre

  • Margaret Joyce Baker, children's author: literary mss, proofs and personal papers 1940-1989 (A\DEX)

Tameside Local Studies and Archives

  • Randal Mundy, dialect poet: dialect poetry, notebooks, personal papers, papers re education and training matters, photos including Albion School 1862-1930 (DD36)

Teesside Archives

  • Stockton-on-Tess Literary and Philosophical Institute: records 1913-2008 (Acc No 7086)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Arundel Festival Society: records c1977-2004 (Acc 16296)

Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

  • Richard Jefferies, naturalist and novelist: letters to the publisher William Tinsley 1872-1877 (3943)
  • Ralph Whitlock, journalist and agricultural consultant: corresp, diaries and mss 20th cent (4023)

Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies

  • Thomas Bratt, the Portobello Poet: poetry books, corresp 1883-1929 (DW-37)
  • Wolverhampton Literary and Scientific Society: minute books, cash books, ledgers of members 1880-1949 (D-SO-56)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • James Berry, poet: literary drafts, corresp, photographs and audiovisual material c1950-2010 (Deposit 10691)
  • Phyllis Bottome, writer: papers incl corresp and press cuttings rel to careers of Phyllis Bottome and Ernan Forbes Dennis 1934-1964 (Deposit 10685)
  • Russell-Cruise and Low family: papers and corresp incl from George Bernard Shaw and Rudyard Kipling 1897-1976 (Deposit 10683)
  • Eric Walter Frederick Tomlin, writer and philosopher: papers incl literary drafts and artworks c1950-1988 (Deposit 10688)

English Heritage Archive

  • Eric De Mare, writer and photographer: additional corresp and papers 1928-1996 (EDM01)

National Library of Ireland

  • Seamus John Heaney, Irish poet: literary papers 1966-2010
  • David Marcus, novelist and literary editor: literary papers 1950-2007

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, poet: vault visitors book rel to Lord Byrons interment in Hucknall Torkard Church 1825-34 (Acc.13253)
  • William Sydney Graham, poet: letters from Graham and his wife to Sylvia Thompson, with photographs and art-work 1982-87 (Acc.13264)
  • Alasdair James Gray, author and artist: further literary papers and corresp c1950-2011 (Acc.13289)
  • Doug Johnstone, author: further literary papers and corresp 2008-11 (Acc.13300)
  • Osbert Lancaster, cartoonist and designer: cartoons and drawings 1939-82 (Acc.13237)
  • Jacques Laudy, Belgian illustrator: drawings (15), evidently intended as illustrations for an edition of "Kidnapped", with cognate material 1941-42 (Acc.13291)
  • Thomas Sturdy Law, poet: literary papers 1943-97 (Acc.13225)
  • Alastair Webster Mackie, poet and teacher: literary and personal papers 1937-95 (Acc.13233)
  • Edwin Muir, poet and author and Willa Muir, author and translator: corresp, photographs and other papers of and rel to them c1920-93 (Acc.13226)
  • James Robertson, writer: literary papers, rel to "Joseph Knight" and "The Testament of Gideon Mack" c2000-06 (Acc.13247)
  • Emma Christina Tennant, novelist and journalist: literary papers 1996-2009 (Acc.13255)
  • David Thomson, author, researcher and BBC radio producer: further literary and personal papers c1916-96 (Acc.13259)
  • John Murray, publishers, London: further papers 18th cent-20th cent (Acc.13236)
  • "Painted, spoken", magazine: editorial papers, mainly corresp and typescripts of poems 2000-2010 (Acc.13246)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • Peter Finch, poet and author: papers 1947- (Peter Finch Papers)
  • Sabine Baring-Gould, writer: autographed manuscript study of 'St Cuby of Duloe' 1900 (NLW MS 24041)
  • Gwyneth Lewis, poet: papers 1959- (Gwyneth Lewis Papers)

Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design

  • Thomas Balston, author and publisher: research papers on John Martin 1818-1966 (AAD/2011/4)


Mountain Heritage Trust

  • Jim Curran, cameraman, artist and writer: research notes and drafts for autobiography and various mountaineering books 1939-2011 (CUR)
  • Peter Gillman, journalist and author: research papers re mountaineering history 1965-2003 (GIL)
  • Ken Wilson, mountaineering author: literary and mountaineering research papers 1979-2000 (WIL)

Seven Stories, the Centre for Children's Books

  • Edward Jeffery Irving Ardizzone, artist, illustrator and author: artwork for his "Little Tim" books and other authors' books incl Graham Green, Eleonaor Farjeon and Ursula Moray Williams c 1973 (EA)
  • Tom Avery, children's author: draft and pre-publication material for "Too Much Trouble", winner of the 2010 Diverse Voices award 2010 (DV)
  • Enid Mary Blyton, writer: corresp, scrapbooks, newspaper cuttings and other papers rel to Enid Blyton collected by Sheila Ray c 1944-2000 (SR)
  • Cristy Burne, author: corresp, draft texts of 'Takeshita Demons' and application form rel to the author's entry in the Diverse Voices writing competition 2011 (DV)
  • Polly Dunbar, author and illustrator: artwork for 'Consequences' by R Kipling 2011 (PoD)
  • Collection of children's annuals and 60 posters by Eileen Soper for use with Enid Blyton's 'Nature Lover's Book' collected by Victor Watson, academic and author 1887-2009 (VW)


Bath University Archives

  • David Fishlock, journalist and science writer: corresp, papers, examples of writings and copies of publications 1950-2005 (FISHLOCK)

Borthwick Institute for Archives: University of York

  • Alan Ayckbourn, playwright: play scripts, personal corresp, diaries, video documentaries, theses, photographs, sketches, minutes of Scarborough Theatre Trust c1957-2011 (ACC 30/2011)

Bradford University: JB Priestley Library

  • Joseph Riley, businessman and Methodist preacher: additional story manuscripts 1880-1910 (RIJ)
  • Willie Riley, author: additional notes and manuscripts 1920-40 (RIL)

Bristol University Information Services: Special Collections

  • Penguin Collectors Society: materials rel to the 75th Anniversary of Penguin Books in 2010; early copies of Penguin and Puffin Books; press cuttings; and materials on Lady Chatterley's Lover 1941-2011 (DM2277)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: letters to Cyril Tomkinson with related items 1922-46 (MS Add. 9926)
  • John Peter Scupham, poet: corresp and literary papers (MS Add. 9941)
  • Arthur Westcott, Anglican clergyman and author: poetry commonplace book 1879-86 (MS Add. 9953)
  • Clive Wilmer, poet, translator and literary critic: literary papers (MS Add. 9958)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • Henry Winston Churchill, author: financial and other papers 20th cent (PCHL)
  • Wayland Hilton Young, 2nd Baron Kennet, author and politician: further personal and political papers c1950-2000 (KNNT)

Cambridge University: Downing College Library & Archives

  • Frank Raymond Leavis, literary critic: letters from Leavis and teaching material used at the University of York c 1939-1976 (DCPP/LEA)

Cambridge University: King's College Archive Centre

  • Frances Catherine Partridge, writer and literary journalist: letters (7) and postcards (10) to Anne Olivier and Quentin Bell, letters (38) to Philip and Phyllis Nichols 1976-2000 (FCP)

Durham University Library, Special Collections

  • Sir Rupert Charles Hart-Davis, author and publisher: corresp with family members (incl Peggy Ashcroft) and literary friends (incl William Plomer), scrapbooks and family photographs 1883-2002 (RHD)
  • Norman Frederick Hidden, teacher and poet: additional literary papers 1975-2006 (HID)
  • Eric Watkins, journalist: additional papers 1948-2008 (WAT)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • George Mackay Brown, author: corresp with Hugo Brunner 1974-96 (E2011.09)
  • Josiah Conder, bookseller and author: volume of MS poems 1805-12 (E2011.26)
  • Robert Nye, poet and novelist: further papers 2008-11 (E2011.36)

Exeter University Library (Special Collections)

  • Sir George Richard Wilson, professor of English: letters to Bobby Brown, Donald Wolfit and W A Darlington 1950-1969 (MS 391)
  • John Moat, writer and artist: additional poems and papers 1950-1999 (MS 230)
  • Justine Picardie, author: uncorrected proof of Daphne Du Maurier biography 'Daphne' 2008 (MS 386)
  • Lawrence Sail, poet, critic and translator: additional literary papers 1974-2010 (MS 212)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Robert Ford, writer and folksong collector: press cuttings, notes, illustrations and photographs on 19th cent Glasgow and notable inhabitants including street-seller William Cameron (known as Hawkie) 19th cent (MS Murray)
  • Edwin George Morgan, writer and poet: postcards to Allan Shearer 1947-68 (MS Morgan)
  • Robert Franklin Muirhead, mathematician: papers incl letters from Olive Schreiner and Edward Carpenter, photographs and related family papers 1874-1964 (MS Gen)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Ahron Bregman, political scientist, writer and journalist: papers rel to research on Ashraf Marwan, Egyptian businessman and alleged spy 2002-2011 (Bregman A)

Liverpool University: Special Collections and Archives

  • Miriam Allott, Professor, Liverpool University: personal and academic papers c1940-2000

London University: King's College Archives

  • Freda Bromhead, author and poet: personal papers incl corresp and unpublished novels 1903-1995 (Acc 2351)
  • Richard Proudfoot, professor and editor: manuscript notes and drafts rel to the play 'Tom O'Lincoln' and ephemera rel to Shakespearian productions at St Georges Theatre, Tufnell Park, London 1977-1980 (Acc 2197)

London University: London School of Economics Library, Archives Division

  • Cedric Cyril Dover, entomologist, anthropologist and poet: corresp and papers c1930-2010 (COLL MISC 1224)
  • Frederick Halliday, professor of international relations: corresp, articles and unpublished papers 1960-2000s (HALLIDAY)
  • Andrew Lumsden, journalist and gay rights activist: corresp, draft articles and papers rel to his time at Gay News and the News Statement 1978-1988 (HCA/LUMSDEN)
  • Nina Rapi, playwright and writer: papers of Gay and Lesbians in Theatre, research papers and papers on the unpublished Gay and Lesbian Arts Magazine (GLAM) 1990-2011 (HCA/RAPI)

London University: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

  • Brian St Quentin Power, author and barrister: papers incl corresp and working notes rel to publications incl 'The Ford of Heaven' 1980-2000s (MS 381085)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Harold Brighouse, playwright: letters to Tinsley Pratt, Portico Library 1918-30 (2011/14)
  • Neil Curry, poet: personal and literary papers c 1950-2010 (2011/007, 2011/012, 2011/017)
  • Elaine Feinstein, novelist, poet and translator: papers, incl corresp, literary MSS, reviews, autobiographical writings 2007-10 (2011/032)
  • Elizabeth Joan Jennings, poet: literary MSS (2011/002)

Museum of English Rural Life

  • Jeanette Ewin, biographer: papers rel to her biography of Hugh MacDonald Sinclair, nutritionist 1994-2004 (D DX1925)
  • Robert Ferns Waller, ecologist and poet: poetry, and papers rel to his work as a script writer for the BBC c1920-79 (D DX1945)

Newcastle upon Tyne University: Special Collections

  • Trevelyan family, baronets, of Wallington: Raleigh Trevelyan's research papers concerning the history of Trevelyan family 1967-1995 (RT)
  • Ernst Anselm Joachim Honigmann, professor of English literature and author: academic and personal papers 1944-2011 (EH)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Henry Rolf Gardiner, businessman, author: letters (12) to Gardiner from various correspondents incl Frieda Lawrence and Freya Stark 1926-67 (La Mc 1/5)
  • Alan Sillitoe, writer: additional letters (15), mainly to David Tipton 1957-2008 (ASC)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Western Manuscripts

  • Arthur Clutton-Brock, author and critic: notebooks (17) containing poems, notes and reviews (6632)
  • Charles Bruce Chatwin, writer: additional papers comprising photographic prints and slides (6690)
  • Sarah Cooke, religious writer: collected essays with sermons and related material by her husband, Caleb Cooke c1695-1715 (6597)
  • WAS San Garde, writer on religion: box of notes apparently by San Garde c1890-1910 (6673)
  • Eliza Hall, European traveller: notebooks of continental tours with TK Hall, incl drawings and watercolours c1820 (6707)
  • Roy Harris Jenkins, Baron Jenkins of Hillhead, politician: personal, literary and political papers (6718)
  • Cecil Day Lewis, poet: papers, with papers of his wife Jill (6681)
  • Robert Gordon Milburn, author and missionary: additional papers incl theological notes, sermons, lectures, annotated publications (6591)
  • Adrian Mitchell, poet, novelist and playwright: digital records rel to his work (6668)
  • Edward Rae, stockbroker, Arctic explorer, traveller and writer: letter books (2) of copy letters to his sons serving in the First World War 1916-20 (6602)
  • Anne Barbara Ridler, author: additional papers 20th cent (6709)
  • Anthony Terrell Seward Sampson, writer and journalist: additional papers rel to the Anatomist, articles, photographs, corresp, papers rel to the Anthony Sampson Journalism Awards; computers with digital records (6638, 6611)
  • Sir Stephen Harold Spender, poet: additional papers incl material rel to Natasha Spender and Ray Litvin (6647)
  • David Richard Thorpe, schoolmaster, biographer: research papers and drafts rel to his biography of Harold Macmillan (6729)
  • Clutag Press, Thame: additional papers rel to Archipelago 2, 5 and 6 and to individual publications 21st cent (6732)
  • Barbara Pym Society: papers (incl some original material by Pym) 20th cent (6733)
  • Papers rel to the publication and reception of the collaborative work Agrippa: a book of the dead 21st cent (6704)

Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive

  • Dame Freya Madeline Stark, author and traveller: photographs rel to her visit to Yemen with Hugh Leach 1976 (0519)

Sheffield University Library

  • Fighting Cock Press / Pennine Poets Archive: proofs, corresp, log books, photographs, illustrations, published books and journals 1997-2011 (MS 406)

Southampton University Library

  • Frank Templeton Prince, Poet: papers incl family records, literary corresp, poetry, lectures and publications (MS 328)

St Andrews University Library

  • Dorothea and Bertholde Collin: Order of the Rose of Paradise, typescript of esoteric literature c1920-1929 (ms38838)
  • Esther Inglis, calligrapher and miniaturist: miniature calligraphic manuscript, Les Cinquante Octonaires sur la vanitie et inconstance du monde 1616 (ms38830)

University of Birmingham: Cadbury Research Library : Special Collections

  • Randall Swingler, poet and communist: personal, literary and family papers incl papers rel to his army service during the Second World War 1890s-2005 (MS835)

University of East Anglia Archives Department

  • Donald Hartog, friend of J.D. Salinger: letters (50) from J.D. Salinger 1986-2002 (JDS)

University of Reading: Special Collections

  • Diana Pullein-Thompson, author: additional papers (MS 5443)
  • Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd, publishers, Richmond: records 1909-2000 (MS 5415)
  • WH Smith & Son Ltd, newsagents, London: records of the firm, with personal and estate papers of the Smith family, Viscounts Hambleden, and records of Bowes & Bowes, publishers and booksellers 1498-2004 (MS 5346)