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Major accessions to repositories in 2011 relating to Irish History


Norfolk Record Office

  • Irish Society of East Anglia: minutes 1891-2011 (ACC 2011/222)


National Library of Ireland

  • Dawson-Damer family, Earls of Portarlington: Emo Park visitors' book 1860-1900
  • McCarthy family of co Tipperary and Toulouse, France: papers 16th-18th cent
  • Seamus John Heaney, Irish poet: literary papers 1966-2010
  • Michael Daniel Higgins, President of the Republic of Ireland: political and literary papers 1975-2011
  • David Marcus, novelist and literary editor: literary papers 1950-2007

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Brownlow family, Barons Lurgan of Lurgan: corresp and genealogical notes 1700-1800 (D2966)
  • Thomas Andrews, naval architect: corresp with William Pirrie and Sir Horace Plunkett 1912 (D3655)
  • Rev James Brown Armour, Protestant Home Ruler: family corresp and papers 1841-1928 (D4515)
  • Sarah Venie Barr, Unionist: scrapbook rel to Ulster Volunteer Force and campaign against Home Rule 1909-15 (D4492)
  • Sgt Robert Clarke, Royal Artillery: Crimean War and Indian Mutiny diary and misc papers 1854-1897 (D3300)
  • John Singleton Darling, bank manager: journal 1862-1898 (D3300/111)
  • Elish Howie: diary incl bombing of Belfast 1941 (D3300/112)
  • Anthony PW Malcomson, Director of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland: historical research papers 1970-2011 (D3312)
  • John McKenna, head constable, Royal Irish Constabulary: MS of 'A Beleaguered Station' 1891-1921 (D3300/113)
  • William Morrison, farmer, of Crookedstone, co Antrim: diary 1706-52 (D3300/109)
  • Florence Fulton Patterson, Republican: letters 1944-1974 (D4489)
  • Alexander Davidson, pilot: log book of ships piloted through Belfast Lough 1942-1945 (D3300/121)
  • George Preston & Son, estate agents, Dromore: records 1910-1960 (D4514)
  • Collegians Rugby Club: corresp, minutes and fundraising papers 1949-1996 (D4490)
  • Irish Football League: records 1905-2004 (D4511)
  • Kilwarlin Church of Ireland Parish: records incl registers 1845-2003 (CR1/108)
  • Macosquin Church of Ireland Parish: records incl registers and subscription books 1845-1981 (CR1/109)
  • Muckamore Church of Ireland Parish: records incl registers and vestry minutes 1847-2010 (CR1/75)
  • Order of the Sons of Temperance Friendly Society, Belfast division: divisional and sub-divisional records 1908-1983 (D4519)
  • Reformed Presbyterian Church Eastern Synod: Agnes Street Mission, Belfast subscription book 1854-1904 (CR5)


Representative Church Body Library

  • John George De La Poer Beresford, Archbishop of Armagh: corresp and papers rel to Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin diocese 1825-1844 (MS 908)
  • Thomas Campbell, Chancellor of Clogher: copy journal and misc papers 1775-1824 (MS 914)
  • Peter Charles Mellish Hoskin, Vicar of Whittlesford: corresp rel to British and Foreign Bible Society Cambridge Auxiliary 1820-1877 (MS 896)
  • Armagh Junior Clerical Association: minutes 1935-1947 (MS 900)
  • Ferns Clerical Association: minutes 1935-1995 (MS 919)
  • Kilkenny Clerical Meeting: minutes 1800-1870 (MS 907)
  • Kilkenny Protestant Orphan Society: minutes and accounts 1861-1890 (MS 904)
  • Ossory and Leighlin Choral Festival: minutes 1908-1965 (MS 909)
  • Ossory Church Education Society: minutes and accounts 1839-1900 (MS 903)
  • Ossory Clerical Union: minutes 1903-1964 (MS 906)
  • Ossory Diocesan Temperance Association: accounts 1876-1936 (MS 905)
  • Thomastown Loan Fund: minutes 1860-1899 (MS 902)


Trinity College Dublin

  • Denis Parsons Burkitt, medical scientist: personal and medical papers 20th cent
  • Michael Collins, Irish Republican leader: official corresp with Winston Churchill 1921
  • Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector: military and financial instructions