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Major accessions to repositories in 2011 relating to Imperial History


British Library: Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections (previously Oriental and India Office Library)

  • Boscawen family: letters (10) from India 1830-1831 (Mss Eur F651)
  • Basil Richard Emile La Bouchardiere, ex-Indian Police and Indian Police Association: biographical notes rel to Indian Police Association 1969-1990 (Mss Eur F633)
  • Emmanuel Forchhammer, professor and author: papers rel to Burma 1880-1888 (Mss Eur F645)
  • Capt Harry Gough, chairman, East India Company: East India Company bond 1704 (Mss Eur F638)
  • Kris L Hardin, anthropologist: papers and sound recordings rel to Sierra Leone 1982-1984 (Mss Eur F646)
  • Col Charles Harris: records rel to Battle of Ghuznee, Afghanistan 1842 (Mss Eur F648)
  • M H O Hoddinott, meteorological officer, Royal Air Force: war memoirs as meteorological officer of Royal Air Force in India 1943-1945 (Mss Eur F637)
  • Thomas Moore: letters (c100) rel to Indian Mutiny 1853-1903 (Mss Eur F630)
  • Alexander Shakespear, magistrate and collector at Bijnor, India: letters (83) rel to Indian Mutiny with other papers 1854-1859 (Mss Eur F631)
  • R D Taylor, Royal Air Force officer: letters rel to India with photographs 1939-1945 (Mss Eur F650)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Sgt Robert Clarke, Royal Artillery: Crimean War and Indian Mutiny diary and misc papers 1854-1897 (D3300)


Institution of Civil Engineers

  • Leslie Edwards, engineer and arbitrator: papers rel to the construction of Marsa shipyard at Malta 1975-1978 (1735)


Durham University Library, Special Collections

  • Sir Bernard Humphrey Bell, Chief Justice of Sudan: photograph album 1911-1912 (SAD)
  • Mervyn Francis Bernard Bell, colonial administrator, Sudan Political Service: diaries and trek notebooks c1936-1943 (SAD)
  • Broadbent, Philip Brown, colonial administrator, Sudan Political Service: additional papers and films c1932-1999 (SAD)
  • Thomas Richard Hornby Owen, colonial administrator, Sudan Political Service: diaries and photographs 1922-1953 (SAD)
  • Geoffrey Michael Graydon Tibbs, colonial administrator, Sudan Political Service: papers rel to the Abyei Boundary Commission 2009 (SAD)

Museum of English Rural Life

  • Humphrey Fisher, evacuee: letters written while an evacuee in Canada 1939-46 (D DX1946)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House

  • Bennett family of St Helena: family papers 1831-45 (MSS. Atlan. s. 22)
  • Barbara Akinyemi, nurse: letters and papers rel to life as a nurse in the UK and Nigeria 1938-2000 (MSS. Afr. s. 2499)
  • Cyril Sims Davies, doctor: letters and papers rel to life in Rhodesia 1964-97 (MSS. Afr.s. 2498)
  • Richard Dewhurst, District Officer, Tanganyika: records of walking safari to villages at risk of food shortage, Mbeya District, incl notes on food stocks 1962 (MSS. Afr. s. 2492)
  • Bridget M Robertson, nurse, Queen Elizabeth Overseas Nursing Service: photographs of voyage to Kenya and scenes from local life on arrival 1947-50 (MSS. Afr. s. 2494)

Oxford University: Regent's Park College, Angus Library

  • Dorothy Grace Medway, medical missionary in India: log book and circular letters c1943-2004 (BMS Acc. 281)

Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive

  • Robert Ball, policeman: papers and photographs rel to service with the Palestine Police 1944-49 (0534)
  • Frederick Albert Felgate, policeman: papers and photographs rel to service in the British Mandate, Palestine 1936-51 (0546)
  • John Winston Hazelden, member of the Royal Oman Police: illustrated history of the Royal Oman Police Airwing 1974-2011 (0499)
  • Kenneth James Pollard, soldier: transcription of diary rel to army service in Palestine 1944-47 (0532)
  • Michael Richard Read, soldier: papers and photos rel to service in Palestine and in the Sultan's Armed Forces, Oman 1938-61 (0550)
  • Christopher Howard Rodgers, soldier: copy photographs rel to service in the Sultan's Armed Forces, Oman c1970-79 (0551)
  • Jim Taylor, soldier: copy photographs of service in the Sultan's Armed Forces, Oman 1961-63 (0518)