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Wellcome Library: 2010 Accessions

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  • Thomas Adams, solicitor: papers and corresp rel to his gout, establishing a dispensary at Alnwick and treatment of eruptions of the skin 1770-1810 (MS.8728)
  • Alex Bateman, geneticist: personal papers (digital) incl emails c1990-2010 (PP/BAT)
  • William Sydney Charles Copeman, rheumatologist: letters to Copeman and to his father and medical scientist Sydney A Monckton Copeman c1900-1970 (MS.8752)
  • Alan Coulson, geneticist: laboratory notebooks, corresp and papers rel to early research on genetic sequencing c1969-1992 (PP/COU)
  • Henry Victor Dicks, psychiatrist: papers, reports, memoranda, drafts with lecture and seminar notes 1930-1976 (PP/HVD)
  • Alan E H Emery, medical geneticist: records incl lecture notes, publications, photographs, files and slides rel to career and muscular dystrophies c1960-2010 (PP/AEE)
  • Max Meier Glatt, doctor and pioneer in treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction: corresp and articles with press cuttings c1912-1999 (PP/MXG)
  • Cyril Keele, pharmacologist: papers incl notebook on experiments, ideas behind work on pain, with article c1945-1960 (Keele)
  • Thomas North, ship's surgeon, SS Glenavon: journal of voyage to China on SS Glenavon with notes on patients in Somerset and Bath Asylum 1891 (MS.8741)
  • Sir John Pattison, microbiologist: digital records rel to Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (SEAC) incl supporting documents and copies of SEAC minutes c1970-1991 (PP/JPN)
  • Shirley Ratcliffe, geneticist: papers rel to Edinburgh MRC Cytogenetics Unit Study on Long Term Outcomes for children with sex chromosome abnormalities incl subject case files on XXX females, XXY males and XYY males c1960-1999 (PP/SRA)
  • Peter Rohde, psychiatrist: records rel to career incl corresp, notes and patient files, consultations c1970-2003 (PP/ROH)
  • Auguste Ambroise Tardieu, physician and forensic scientist: manuscript letters by patients later published in 'Etude Medico-Legale sur la Folie' c1850-1869 (MS.8729)
  • Major R C Wilmot, Royal Army Medical Corps: diary and field message book rel to 140th Field Ambulance, First World War 1915-1917 (MS.8730)
  • H V Wyatt, molecular biologist: papers rel to career incl corresp and articles 1928-2000 (PP/HVW)
  • Portable Radiographics Limited: records incl those of subsidiary companies and company founder JC Wilson incl minutes and agendas, diaries and photographs c1920-1959 (SA/PRL)
  • Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics: papers incl letters, patient letters, corresp files, factsheets, scrapbooks and cuttings 1992-2007 (SA/ACT)
  • British Orthodontic Society: administrative records incl programmes from annual conferences 1996, 2006-2008 1973-2008 (SA/BSO)
  • International Epidemiological Association: records incl council and executive minutes and other documents 1956-2009 (SA/IEA)
  • Population Investigation Committee: records incl minutes, annual reports, administrative papers and corresp rel to members, staff and research projects 1879-2010 (SA/PIC)
  • World Federation of Occupational Therapists: records 1952-2007 (SA/WFO)
  • Apothecary's recipe book incl medical, culinary, household and cosmetics recipes and formulae c1822 (MS.8751)
  • Medical and culinary recipe book c1700-1899 (MS.8738)
  • English recipe book c1740-1760 (MS.8747)
  • Whitbread family: receipt (recipe) book incl culinary, medical and household recipes c1700-1811 (MS.8745)