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Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2010 Accessions

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  • Henry Sackville Barlow: diaries 1998-2010 (MS Barlow of Thornby (additional))
  • Edmund Charles Blunden, poet: letters to Phyllis Burley with rel corresp 1937-1967 (MS Add. 9859)
  • Ian Davie, schoolteacher, civil servant and poet: corresp and papers, incl letters (28) from Siegfried Sassoon 1960-1965 (Ms Add. 9862)
  • John Harold Goodland, editor and environmentalist: additional notebook with diary entries 1945 (MS Add. 9704)
  • Douglas Grant, academic and literary critic: letters from Edmund Blunden, with associated printed and manuscript material 13th-20th cent (MS Add. 9856)
  • John Helder: MS 'An impartial account of Soham Meer' 1753 (MS. Add 9874)
  • John Holloway, poet and critic: corresp and literary papers c1930-1990 (MS Add. 9857)
  • George Kennethson, sculptor: letters (80) to Hans Joerg Modlmayr and Hildegard Modlmayr-Heimath 20th cent (MS Add.9864)
  • John David Ruari Mclean, typographer and author: research papers for a biography of Albert Dubout 1990-2003 (MS Add. 9864)
  • George Edward Moore, philosopher: personal and family corresp and photographs 1934-1991 (MS Add. 9868)
  • Jack Richon Pole, Professor of American History and Institutions: corresp and papers (MS Add. 9866)
  • Sir William Robinson, colonial governor: letters written from Trinidad to Stephen Herbert Gatty 1887-1890 (MS Add. 9860)
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: corresp with Ian Davie 1960-1965 (MS Add. 9862)
  • Henry Horrocks Slater, Rector of Thornhaugh With Winsford Entomologist Botanist: journal entitled 'The Log of the Jessie' 1873 (MS Add. 9854)
  • Percival Walsh, soldier: letters to his mother and others from France and England 1914-1916 (MS Add. 9869)
  • Joan Ursula Vaughan Williams, poet and author: poems and translations (MS Add. 9750)
  • George Hyde Wollaston: Cambridge undergraduate journal 1863-1864 (MS Add. 9855)
  • Edward Hilton Young, 1st Baron Kennet, politician: additional papers (MS Kennet (additional))
  • Henry Eaden & Co, wine merchants, Cambridge: account book 1830-1845 (MS Add. 9867)
  • Jardine, Matheson & Co Ltd, merchants in China and the Far East: corresp and related papers from China c1905-1941 (MS Jardine Matheson (additional))
  • Jardine Skinner & Co, tea, jute and rubber merchants, Calcutta: corresp (2 vols) 1847-1849 (MS Jardine Skinner (additional))
  • Vine Press, Hemingford Grey, printers: accounts, records of sales and payments, corresp and papers rel to their printed books and ephemera 1956-1971 (MS Add. 9861)
  • Merope, training vessel: log book 1823-1825 (MS Add. 9875)