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Major accessions to repositories in 2010 relating to Literary History


Barnsley Archive and Local Studies Department

  • Frank James Taylor, librarian and author: papers rel to compilation of Yorkshire dialect bibliography incl letter from Rudyard Kipling c1912 (A/3298/G)

Bedfordshire and Luton Archives Service

  • William Hale White, writer, pseudonym Mark Rutherford: letters (179) with a photograph 1870-1910 (X955)

Berkshire Record Office

  • Dodeka Book Club, Reading: minutes, accounts 1892-2009 (D/EX 2160)

Bristol Record Office

  • Research files of Douglas Merritt rel to the book 'Bristol Public Sculpture' 1990-2010 (44407)

Denbighshire Record Office

  • Herbert Brereton Aldrich, author: personal papers including literary manuscripts of stories and plays 1929-1943 (DD/DM/1722)

Dorset History Centre

  • Thomas Hardy, novelist and poet: ms novels 'Under The Greenwood Tree', 'The Woodlanders' 'The Mayor of Casterbridge' (transferred from Dorset County Museum - microform access only unless with written permission of the Director of Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society) 1900-1920 (D/DCM)

Dumfries and Galloway Archives

  • Thomas Carlyle, historian, essayist and philosopher: letters and corrected proofs by and about him 1839-1920 (GGD699)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Julian Charles Fane, author: corresp and papers rel to his writing c1940-2009 (10577)
  • Monday Literary Club, Lewes: additional records 1962-2000 (10793)

Edinburgh City Archives

  • Alexander Nicolson, sheriff-substitute and Gaelic scholar: corresp with Alexander Smith, poet (Acc 836)

Northumberland Archives

  • Blyth Literary and Scientific Society: records 1891-1970 (NRO 08798)

Peterborough Archives Service

  • John Charles Hynam, author and playwright: papers, incl drafts and final copies of his published works, corresp and drawings 1930-1990 (JHN)

Tyne and Wear Archives

  • Bible and Tract Depot, Newcastle upon Tyne: minutes and accounts 1864-2004 (CHX61)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Edmund Cooper, writer: papers 1967-80 (Acc 15729)
  • Hugh De Selincourt, author: literary archives incl manuscripts, diaries, corresp and reviews 20th cent (Acc 15993)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale

  • William Holt, author, artist and traveller: corresp, sympathy letters, tracings c1933-1984 (HO:189)

Wirral Archives Service

  • Prenton Literary and Debating Society: minutes, accounts and members list 1903-2008 (1880)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • James Graham Ballard, author: papers c1930-2009
  • Elizabeth Berridge, author: papers incl literary drafts and corresp c1940-2009
  • Vincent Brome, writer and biographer: papers rel to biography of Havelock Ellis c1975-1981 (Add 88939)
  • Norman Sherry, professor of literature and author: research papers rel to biography of Graham Greene c1977-2004

Jersey Archive

  • Roy Thomas, author: mss of "Lest We Forget" (1992) and occupation and liberation papers 1943-1992 (JA/1718)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Isabella Begg, sister of Robert Burns: personal and Burns Begg family corresp and papers 1798-1977 (Acc.13138)
  • George Mackay Brown, author: letters to Peter and Betty Grant, with literary papers incl the fair copy of Greenvoe (1972) and typescript of Hawkfall and other stories (1974), with photographs 1972-96 (Acc.13134)
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay, poet: letters and cards to Katy Gardiner, published works and papers rel to the Saint-Just Vigilantes and Stonypath/Little Sparta c1960-98 (Acc.13132)
  • Alec Finlay, artist, poet and publisher: papers of Studio Alec Finlay 2008-2009 (Acc.13159)
  • Maurice Fleming, editor, The Scots Magazine: letters to him, mainly rel to traditional Scottish music, stories and folklore 1960-2001 (Acc.13168)
  • William Sydney Graham, poet: letters and postcards to William Featherstone and literary papers 1958-80 (Acc.13163)
  • Ebenezer Henderson, mechanician and author: corresp and papers rel to research for his biography James Ferguson FRS 1861-64 (Acc.13166)
  • Tom Leonard, poet: additional literary papers c1962-2009 (Acc.13151)
  • George Henry Lewes, author: letters (7) between him and James Frederick Ferrier 1841-46 (Acc.13139)
  • James Murdoch MacGregor, science fiction writer as JT McIntosh: literary papers 1938-76 (Acc.13126)
  • Iain Rankin, novelist: literary papers c1995-97 (Acc.13205)
  • Tessa Ransford, poet: additional literary and personal papers 1973-2003 (Acc.13195)
  • Michael Roberts, author and critic: papers, incl some later papers of Janet Adam Smith concerning Roberts 1922-48 (Acc.13145)
  • Christopher Rush, author: literary and personal papers 1962-2010 (Acc.13217)
  • Jan Struther, poet, essayist and hymn writer: literary and personal papers 1909-53 (Acc.13220)
  • Nigel Godwin Tranter, novelist: additional literary papers c1950-97 (Acc.13160)
  • Nigel Godwin Tranter, novelist: research files, mainly rel to The Lion's Whelp (1997) c1990-99 (Acc.13129)
  • W & R Chambers Ltd, publishers, Edinburgh: MSS and business records with some family papers c1819-1990 (Acc.13178)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • John Emyr, author: corresp 1970-91 (NLW MS24005E)
  • Jan Morris, author: corresp and personal papers incl a transcript of memoirs 'Conundrum' (Additional: Jan Morris Papers)
  • John Tripp, poet, journalist and literary editor of Planet: unpublished poems, short stories, script of a radio play and other draft documents 1969-75 (NLW MS 24013)


Labour History Archive and Study Centre (People's History Museum/University of Central Lancashire)

  • Michael Foot, politician and author: literary and political papers c 1935-2009

Seven Stories, the Centre for Children's Books

  • Jill Barton, author and illustrator: artwork incl preparatory work and finished illustrations (JB)
  • Leila Berg, author: papers incl corresp, typescripts and books c1930-2000 (LBe)
  • Enid Mary Blyton, writer: papers incl typescripts, ephemera and books 1924-2006 (EB)
  • Lucy Maria Boston, writer: manuscripts and typescripts c1952-1975 (LMB)
  • Sarah Garland, author and illustrator: original artwork, incl preparatory material and finished illustrations c1980-1992 (SG)
  • Frank Herrmann, author: draft material, correspondence and books relating to 'The Giant Alexander' series c1960-1990 (FH)
  • Catherine Storr, writer: papers incl manuscripts, contracts and corresp c1940-1999 (CS)
  • Diana Wynne Jones, author: manuscripts, typescripts and other related papers c1970-2000 (DWJ)


Birmingham University Information Services, Special Collections Department

  • Walter Ernest Allen, novelist, literary critic and broadcaster: personal corresp from literary friends and writers, L P Hartley, Robert Graves, J B Priestley, Rebecca West 1956-1967 (MS2)
  • Ariadne Nicolaeff, playwright and translator: literary and other papers 1956-1981 (MS822)

Bradford University: JB Priestley Library

  • John Boynton Priestley, writer: addnl records incl photographs 1930-2009 (PRI)
  • Willie Riley, author: personal papers of novelist, incl manuscripts, corresp, photographs and related ephemera 1860-2009 (RIL)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Edmund Charles Blunden, poet: letters to Phyllis Burley with rel corresp 1937-1967 (MS Add. 9859)
  • Ian Davie, schoolteacher, civil servant and poet: corresp and papers, incl letters (28) from Siegfried Sassoon 1960-1965 (Ms Add. 9862)
  • Douglas Grant, academic and literary critic: letters from Edmund Blunden, with associated printed and manuscript material 13th-20th cent (MS Add. 9856)
  • John Holloway, poet and critic: corresp and literary papers c1930-1990 (MS Add. 9857)
  • John David Ruari Mclean, typographer and author: research papers for a biography of Albert Dubout 1990-2003 (MS Add. 9864)
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: corresp with Ian Davie 1960-1965 (MS Add. 9862)
  • Joan Ursula Vaughan Williams, poet and author: poems and translations (MS Add. 9750)

Cambridge University: King's College Archive Centre

  • Violet Compton: papers, incl letters and postcards from EM Forster, manuscript memoir, typescript transcript of a BBC recording of Compton on Forster and newspaper clippings 1907-1963 (GBR/0272/EMF/18/121X)
  • Edward Morgan Forster, novelist and critic: letters and postcards to Nigel Haigh (40) and Adil Jussawalla (5) 1959-1962 (EMF)
  • Frances Catherine Partridge, writer and literary journalist: letters and postcards (40) to Anne Olivier and Quentin Bell 1977-2000 (FCP)

Exeter University Library (Special Collections)

  • Reginald John Clemo, poet: letters to Vic Perry (MS 375)
  • Lawrence Sail, poet, critic and translator: drafts of recent works 2002-2010 (MS 212)
  • Henry Williamson Society: photographs and papers 20th cent (MS 74)
  • Unpublished studies on Daphne du Maurier by Colin Langley 20th cent (MS 363)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Edwin George Morgan, writer and poet: additional subject files, corresp and papers 1917-2010 (MS Morgan)

Hull History Centre (Hull University Archives)

  • Joan Barton, poet and bookseller: records incl corresp and typescripts and manuscripts of poems, books and journals featuring Barton's work c1920-1980 (U DX)
  • Larkin 25: papers rel to committee and members of the programme commemorating the life and work of Philip Larkin 2009-2010 (2010/23)

Liverpool John Moores University

  • Jeff Addison Nuttall, artist and author: corresp and publications 1963-71

Liverpool University: Special Collections and Archives

  • Felicia Dorothea Hemans, poet: letters incl corresp with Miss Maynard 1772-1897 (MS.28.3)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Norman Cornthwaite Nicholson, poet: letters to Sylvia Lubelsky (later Elvey) with associated mss and papers 1932-1989 (2010/027)
  • Jeff Addison Nuttall, artist and author: papers 1960-1969 (2010/005)
  • Joseph Thompson, author: letterbook primarily rel to the compilation of 'The Owens College: its foundation and growth' (1886) 1884-1889 (2010/019)
  • Research papers of Heather Sharps rel to the fiction of James Kay-Shuttleworth (2010/018)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Stanley Middleton, novelist: letters from Middleton to Selwyn Hughes, with some copy letters from Hughes to Middleton 1971-2005 (MS 863)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Western Manuscripts

  • Robert Laurence Binyon, poet, art historian and critic: letters to a friend, with poems
  • Edmund Charles Blunden, poet: poems and letters (25)
  • Gordon Bottomley, poet and dramatist: letters to a friend
  • David John Moore Cornwell, writer, pseudonym John Le Carre: manuscripts with related papers
  • Maria Edgeworth, novelist and children's writer: additional corresp
  • Alan Garner, writer: additional papers incl corresp, manuscripts, financial records
  • Cecil Day Lewis, poet: ms of his Aeneid translation and 'Hellene and Philhellene'
  • Nicholas Moody, rector of St Clements: volume of his poems and religious observations apparently compiled around the time of his death
  • Frances Parkyn, friend of Lord Byron: commonplace book incl copy verse by Byron and souvenirs from Newstead Abbey
  • Philip Pullman, writer: ms of 'Lyra's Oxford'
  • Joanna Richardson, literary biographer: letters (12) to Winifred Hamilton-Meikle
  • Clutag Press, Thame: additional records incl material rel to publications and to Archipelago I-IV
  • HN Swanson Inc, literary agency, Los Angeles: corresp files rel to JRR Tolkien's work 1957-99

Reading University Library: Special Collections

  • Samuel Barclay Beckett, author and dramatist: letters to John and Vera Beckett, with notes by John Beckett 1968-89 (MS5411)
  • James Knowlson, biographer of Samuel Beckett: research papers and materials collected rel to Beckett incl original manuscripts 20th cent (MS2358)
  • Nan Youngman, artist: letters and poems to Martin and Cecil Robertson 1961-94 (MS5413)

Sussex University Library Special Collections

  • Diana Gardner, artist and writer: papers, books and artworks 1934-97 (SxMs 105)

Trinity College Dublin

  • Edith Anna Oenone Somerville, writer: additional papers c1880-1950 (IE TCD MS 11373)

University of Bristol: Theatre Collection

  • Rani Drew, poet and playwright: scripts (2010/0007 2010/0090)

University of East Anglia Archives Department

  • John Fletcher, professor of European Literature, translator: manuscript translations and transcripts 2002-2005 (LIT)
  • Anthony Grey, novelist and journalist: additional corresp, diaries and draft manuscripts for 'Hostage Handbook' 2009 1967-2007 (AG)

University of the Arts London: University Archives and Special Collections

  • Phillip Knightley, journalist, critic and author: corresp, notebooks and papers 1946-2010 (PK)