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London Metropolitan Archives: City of London: 2009 Accessions

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  • John Brandon-Jones, architect: papers 1973-1978 (CLA)
  • Esther Guthrie and Ludwig Freistadt, wholesale traders: corresp, diaries, papers and accounts 1885-2007 (Acc B09/068)
  • Sir Joseph Savory, Mayor of London: records incl corresp 1890-1990 (CLA)
  • Anthony Blee Consultancy, architectural consultants: corresp, case reports and records 1980-2008 (P82/GE01)
  • Pollinger Ltd, authors agents, London: corresp and papers 1930-2008 (Acc B09/128)
  • Saam Theatre Group: oral history project c2008 (LMA/4530)
  • British Society for Music Therapy: minutes, corresp and records 1958-2009 (Acc B09/078)
  • Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield: registers 1938-1974 (H34/CF)
  • Epping Forest: minutes, diaries, papers, corresp & records 1800-2000 (CLA/077 - Acc B09/164)
  • Greater London Inner North Coroner: Edgware coroners office inquest files 2005-2007 (COR/N/2005 AND 2006; COR/N/2007/01)
  • Greater London Inner North Coroner: Hornsey coroners court inquest files c2006 (COR/N/2006/02)
  • Greater London Eastern Coroner: Walthamstow case files 2007-2007 (COR/E/2007)
  • Greater London Southern Coroners District: case files 2005-2006 (COR/S/2005-2006)
  • Greater London Authority: papers from Ken Livingstone's time as Mayor of London 1988-2008 (GLA - Acc B09/127)
  • Greater London Northern Coroner: Edgware Coroners Office inquest case papers 2007-2007 (COR/N/2007/01)
  • London Archaeologist Association: minutes, accounts and papers 1968-2005 (Acc B09/172)
  • Central and North West London Mental Health NHS Trust Patient and Public Involvement Forum: minutes and papers 2004-2006 (Acc B09/036)
  • North Middlesex Hospital: minutes, registers and records 1912-1974 (B09/156)
  • Society of Pension Consultants: minutes, corresp and papers 1959-1999 (LMA/4533)
  • Pilgrim Trust: grant files 1970-2008 (LMA/4450)
  • Raising Standards in Pension Administration: minutes, accounts and papers 2001-2006 (Acc B09/001; Acc B09/006)
  • St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Upper Norwood: minutes and papers 1896-1966 (LMA/4381)
  • St David's Hospital, Edmonton: records 1931-1971 (H63/SD)
  • St Giles in The Field Parochial Charities: minutes, accounts, corresp, registers, log books and records 1705-1995 (Acc B09/158)
  • St Luke's Church, Shepherds Bush: registers and records 1845-2005 (P80/LUK)
  • St Martin Church, Acton: registers and records 1903-1988 (DRO/178)
  • St Mary the Virgin parish, Tottenham: registers & records 1882-2006 (Acc B09/148)
  • St Thomas' Hospital Group: minutes, papers, case books 1973-1984 (H01/L/B/24; H01/ST)
  • Staines Magistrates Court: court registers 1969-1975 (PS)
  • Thomas Martyn Foundation: minutes, corresp, accounts, registers and other records 1716-1977 (LMA/4523)
  • United Synagogue, London: burial registers and marriage registers 1880-1994 (ACC/2712 - Acc B09/095, ACC/2712 - Acc B09/096)