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Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design: 2009 Accessions

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  • Joyce Badrocke, textile designer: papers c1940-1989 (AAD/2009/4)
  • Francis William Cheetham, curator, scholar and author: research papers c1960-1999 (AAD/2009/18)
  • Jane Dillon, furniture designer: papers 1961-2000 (AAD/2009/1)
  • Frederick Mew, designer and watercolourist: papers 1924-1984 (AAD/2009/9)
  • Patric Prince, art historian, collector of computer art: papers 1962-2004 (AAD/2009/19)
  • Daphne Sanderson, textile designer: papers c1956-1980 (AAD/2009/5)
  • Lucienne Day, textile and wallpaper designer: additional papers c1950-1969 (AAD/2009/6)
  • Fortnum & Mason Ltd, department store, London: photographs of window displays c1990-1999 (AAD/2009/2)
  • Victoria and Albert Museum: records and research material for exhibition 'Household choices: design in domestic consumption' c1989-1990 (AAD/2009/10)