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Science Museum Library and Archives: 2009 Accessions

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  • Sir Barnes Neville Wallis, aeronautical designer and engineer: letter while at Vickers-Armstrong to Leo d' Erlanger concerning stressed skin versus geodetic construction of aircraft 1939 (ARCH: BNW)
  • Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough: technical and design notes and reports of Keith Copeland describing work on radar during the Second World War, particularly the potential for tracking V2 missiles 1943-1963 (ARCH: COPE)
  • Warren Spring Laboratory: account, in English, of the Bergius Process and reports of the experimental work carried out at the Bergin Anlage, Mannheim-Rheinau, for obtaining oil from coal under high pressure (2 vols) 1926-1927 (ARCH: BER)
  • Tom Browne, motor vehicle enthusiast: letter describing the author's relationship with Charles Rolls and the death of Rolls in the flying tournament at Bournemouth and a humorous article for Motoring Illustrated, probably unpublished 1954 (ARCH: BROW)