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British Library, Sound Archive: 2009 Accessions

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  • Bogumil Witalis Andrzejewski, Polish linguist: recordings rel to Somali language (C1388)
  • Angela Aratoon, poet: recordings c2000-2010 (C1354)
  • Barry Bloomfield, librarian and bibliographer: recordings rel to career, published works and biography of Philip Larkin c1922-1985 (C1360)
  • Dorothy Brett, artist: interviews (2) c1967 (C1384)
  • Angela Olive Carter, author and journalist: radio interviews and adaptations of published works for radio (C1365)
  • Tanya Harrod, art and design historian: recordings rel to pubished works and exhibitions c1980-2000 (C1355)
  • Neil Hornick, actor and performer: recordings rel to performance group 'The Troupe' c1965-1970 (C1390)
  • Alex Julyan, multimedia artist: recordings rel to 'John Cage's Musicircus' and 'Apparitions' c2004-2009 (C1362)
  • Andrew Lambirth, journalist, art critic: recordings and interviews rel to published works c1984-2007 (C1378)
  • Cindy Oswin, writer, performer and archivist: video interviews with performers and audience members, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009 (C1382)
  • Cyril Tawney, folk singer: recordings c1950-2005 (C1386)
  • Kathleen Jeannette Halton Tynan, journalist, author and screenwriter: recordings incl interviews with actors, producers, and writers, rel to book 'The Life of Kenneth Tynan' c1980-1990 (C1372)
  • Linda West: recordings rel to Far East Prisoners of War (C1393)
  • Andrew Whitehead, political journalist: recordings incl oral history interviews with political radicals c1930-1995 (C1377)
  • Siobhan Davies Studios and dance company: recordings incl interviews with artists from a wide range of practices, rel to creative process and experiences (C1385)
  • Imperial College London, Tuberculosis Research Unit: recordings incl interviews with former tuberculosis sufferers (C1396)
  • National Life Stories project: an oral history of Barings Bank c1960-1995 (C1367)
  • National Life Stories project: an oral history of the water industry c1900-2010 (C1364)
  • Open University: British Brass Musicians interviews c1900-1980 (C1395)
  • Open University: recordings from Overseas Trained South-Asian Doctors and the Development of Geriatric Medicine project c2007-2009 (C1356)