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Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre: 2009 Accessions

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  • Sir Hermann Bondi, mathematician and astronomer: additional personal and scientific papers c1960-2000 (BOND)
  • Max Born, German physicist: personal and scientific papers c1910-2000 (BORN)
  • Robert ('Robin') Chichester-Clark, Knight Ulster Unionist MP: further personal and and political papers c1921-2008 (CCLK)
  • Sir John Douglas Cockcroft, physicist and engineer: scrapbook rel to Churchill College and St John's College 1930-1965 (CKFT)
  • Francis Harry Compton Crick, biologist: papers rel to his work at the Medical Research Council Unit for the Study of Molecular Biology, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge 1953-1969 (MISC 90)
  • Sir Frederick William Dampier Deakin, historian: corresp with Dr Dusan Biber 1974-2004 (DEAK, accession 1511)
  • Norman Feather, physicist: additional papers 1926-1977 (FEAT)
  • David Patrick Maxwell-Fyfe, Earl of Kilmuir, statesman: drafts of memoirs and corresp c1930-1960 (KLMR)
  • Maurice Pascal Alers Hankey, 1st Baron Hankey, civil servant: photograph album 1918-1921 (HNKY)
  • David Arthur Russell Howell, Baron Howell, politician: personal and political papers c1950-2000 (HWLL)
  • Sir Bernard Ingham, civil servant: further papers rel to SONE (Supporters of Nuclear Energy) c1990-2000 (INGH)
  • Peter Jay, economist and journalist: personal, political and media papers 1947-2008 (PJAY)
  • Charles Patrick Fleeming Jenkin, Lord Jenkin of Roding, politician: further papers c2000-2008 (JENK)
  • John David Lawson, nuclear physicist: scientific and other papers 1945-2009 (LWSN)
  • Walter Charles Marshall, Baron Marshall: scientific and other papers 1949-2008 (MRSL)
  • Max Ferdinand Perutz, biologist: scientific papers 1970-2002 (PRTZ)
  • Christopher James Prout, Baron Kingsland, barrister and politician: personal, political and legal papers 1947-2009 (KGLD)
  • Peter Anthony Grayson Rawlinson, Baron Rawlinson, politician and barrister: personal, political and legal papers c1940-2000 (RWSN)
  • Adam Nicholas Ridley, investment banker and economic adviser: political papers 1983-1984 (RDLY)
  • George Henry Lane Pitt-Rivers, anthropologist: anthropological, scientific and political papers c1920-1960 (PITI)
  • Sir Joseph Rotblat, physicist and peace campaigner: scientific papers 1934-2005 (RTBT)
  • Vanda Salmon, secretary to Sir Winston Churchill: scrapbooks and memoirs c1951-2007 (SALM)
  • Derek Scott, economist, former economic adviser to Denis Healey and Tony Blair: additional papers, mainly as economic adviser to Tony Blair c1990-2000 (SCTT)
  • Edward Samuel Shire, physicist: corrsp rel to scientific research 1941-1969 (SHRE)
  • Sir John Boothman Stuttard, businessman: diaries and CDs of photographs c2000-2009 (STUT)
  • Peter and Phyllis Willmott, sociologists: diaries and other papers 1938-1990 (WLMT)
  • Michael Young, Baron Young of Dartington: typescript draft of a book on Bethnal Green c2000 (YUNG)