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Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2009 Accessions

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  • Michael David Kighley Baxandall, art historian: corresp and papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9843)
  • Hermann Justus Braunholtz, Keeper of Ethnographical Department, British Museum: diary rel to his service in the Royal Army Medical Corps in France 1918-1919 (MS Add. 9845)
  • David Roden Buxton, entomologist and architectural scholar: papers and photographs rel to Russian and Eastern European architecture 1927-1981 (Ms Add. 9848)
  • Brooke Crutchley, printer: papers 20th cent (MS. Add. 9824)
  • Kenneth Day: papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9821)
  • John Gustave Dreyfus, historian: papers 1935-2002 (MS Add. 9815)
  • Conor Fahy, professor of Italian: corresp and papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9849)
  • Dorothy Annie Elizabeth Garrod, archaeologist: corresp with Theodore McCown 1930-1954 (MS Add. 9840)
  • George Gomori, poet, translator and literary scholar: further correps, incl letters from George Szirtes 1983-1998 (MS Add. 9716 (additional))
  • Thom Gunn, poet: corresp, poems and notes c1960-1970 (MS Add. 9841)
  • Peter W Hawkes, physicist: corresp files rel to electron microscopy and the Cambridge Review 20th cent (MS Add. 9844, MS Add. 9846)
  • Ellic Paul Howe, author: papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9820)
  • Joseph Burtt Hutchinson, geneticist and agriculturist: corresp rel to early agriculture 1967-1980 (MS Add. 9847)
  • George Allen Hutt, journalist and political activist: papers (MS Add. 9814)
  • Edward Johnson, typographer: papers rel to type design 20th cent (MS Add. 9818)
  • Frederick Ronald Mansbridge, publisher: papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9821)
  • Sir Francis Meynell, publisher and poet: papers (MS Add. 9813)
  • John Mole, author and poet: literary papers and corresp c1950-2000 (MS Add. 9842)
  • Nicholas Moore, poet: literary and personal papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9779 (additional))
  • George Edward Moore, philosopher: further papers (MS Add. 9778 (additional))
  • Stanley Morison, editor and typographer: papers 1841-1990 (MS Add. 9812)
  • Alfred Newton, zoologist: papers (MS Add. 9839)
  • Redcliffe Nathan Salaman, physiologist and Zionist: further corresp, diaries and poems of RN and Nina Salaman (MS Add. 8171 (additional))
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: diaries, prose and poetical draft manuscripts, corresp and photographs c1890-1960 (MS Add. 9852)
  • George Lennox Sharman Shackle, economist: notebooks (70) (MS Add. 7669 (additional))
  • Sigfrid Henry Steinberg, historian and editor: papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9819)
  • Anne Stevenson, poet: further literary papers and corresp c 1960-2000 (MS. Add 9451 (additional))
  • Reynolds Stone, designer and engraver: engraving and artwork 20th cent (MS. Add. 9830)
  • Beatrice Lamberton Warde, typographer: papers 20th cent (MS. Add. 9817)
  • Esmond Pelham Warner, secretary of the Pitt Club, London: papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9850)
  • Dedalus Press, publishers: records 20th cent (MS Add. 9851)
  • Fanfare Press, printers: records 20th cent (MS Add. 9825)
  • Harley Books, publishers, Cambridge: accounts and cutting books 20th-21th cent (MS Add. 9804 (additional))
  • Water Lane Press, printers and publishers, Cambridge: records 20th cent (MS Add. 9826)
  • Notes taken by F. A. Fuggle during Louis Leakeys excavation at Ricksons Pit, Swanscombe, Kent 1934 (MS Add. 9811)