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Bath Record Office: 2009 Accessions

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  • Smith and Wright families of Bath: family papers and photographs incl photographs of Bath events and societies, sporting and musical 1930-2001 (Acc 778)
  • Watterson family of Bath and Basingstoke: family papers incl records of arts and literary activity in Bath 20th cent (Acc 777)
  • Whittick family of Bath: papers rel to the dispute over the will of William Whittick, clothier, of Bathwick 1776-1850 (Acc 823)
  • Peter Malone, artist: preparatory sketches and slide of finished paintaing of the old pavillion and tennis courts, Victoria Park, Bath 1977 (Acc 794)
  • Ellen May Wallis, nurse: papers and photograhs rel to career at Forbes Fraser Hospital, Bath 1931-1933 (Acc 813)
  • Archaeological Investigations Ltd, archaeological consultants, Hereford: records and archaeological investigation of the site redeveloped as the 'Bath Spa Project' 1997-2005 (Acc 798)
  • David Brain Partnership, architects, Bath: records incl drawings and photographs 1970-1990 (Acc 812)
  • Wallis G Carter Ltd, opticians, Bath: cash books, wage books and other accounting records 1959-1975 (Acc 775)
  • Thomas Cox & Sons, builders merchants, Bristol: papers and photographs rel to work carried out on the ceiling of the Roman Baths Museum, Bath 1962-1969 (Acc 774)
  • Doctor or Surgeon, Bath: commonplace and medical remedy book 1730-1749 (Acc 797)
  • Fortt & Son, cooks, confectioners and wine and spirit merchants, Bath: out letter book 1917-1918 (Acc 800)
  • Michael Heaton, heritage consultants, Warminster: historic buildings surveys, Bath 2003-2009 (Acc 559B)
  • James Payne & Son, bootmakers, Bath: business records incl leases and photographs 1880-1929 (Acc 771)
  • Thring, Townsend, Lee & Pembertons, solicitors, Bath: client papers rel to the Rivers estate, Bath 1500-2000 (Acc 810)
  • Whitehaven Christian Science House, Bathford: photographs and papers rel to the property (formerly Titan Barrow) 1945-2008 (Acc 790)
  • Association of Friends of St Martin's Hospital, Bath: records 1954-2003 (Acc 821)
  • Bath Stone Quarry Museum Trust: papers rel to stone quarrying in Bath 1977-2008 (Acc 789)
  • Bath Spa Project: research material audio and film collected in connection with developing visitor displays at Thermae Bath Spa 1970-1999 (Acc 779)
  • Bathampton Womens Institute: records 1936-1992 (Acc 801)
  • Ministry of Public Building and Works: deeds and files rel to the wartime requisition of the Empire Hotel, Bath 1902-1986 (Acc 807)
  • Royal United Hospital, Bath: Past Nurses League journals and papers 1964-2008 (Acc 791)
  • Scout Association, Bath District: records 1911-2005 (Acc 802)
  • St Mark's Church of England School, Bath: records incl those of predecessor schools 1816-1984 (Acc 827)
  • Photographs of Bath during the Blitz (Norman Arthur Virgo) 1939-1945 (Acc 792)
  • Eyewitness account of the Bath Blitz and related papers (Brian Collecot) 1942 (Acc 796)
  • Luftwaffe aerial reconnaissance photographs of Bath 1940 (Acc 822)