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Major accessions to repositories in 2009 relating to Science


Gloucestershire Archives

  • Cheltenham Natural Science Society: geological section minutes 1911-1929 (D11754)

Highland Council Archives

  • Commander Ian Alexander Scrymgeour-Wedderburn: meteorological records, including rainfall and temperature readings, taken at Dunlichity Lodge, Farr 1979-2007 (D1167)


National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Sir David Brewster, natural philosopher: papers 1797-1832 (Acc.13080)

National Maritime Museum: The Caird Library, Manuscripts Section

  • Nevil Maskelyne, astronomer: papers incl corresp, account books, medical and veterinary recipes 1766-1811 (REG09/000037)
  • Hugo Percy Wilkins, astronomer and author: notebooks incl technical formulae, calculations, drawings and maps of the moon c1938-1955 (REG08/000080)

Science Museum Library and Archives

  • Warren Spring Laboratory: account, in English, of the Bergius Process and reports of the experimental work carried out at the Bergin Anlage, Mannheim-Rheinau, for obtaining oil from coal under high pressure (2 vols) 1926-1927 (ARCH: BER)


Institution of Engineering and Technology Archives

  • Sir Edward Victor Appleton, physicist: misc notes 1963 (SC MSS 186)
  • Hugh McGregor Ross, computer engineer and historian: records incl corresp and notes 1961-1989 (NAEST 176D)
  • Alan Shaw, employee at Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co: papers rel to nuclear power 1958-2005 (NAEST 194)

Royal Institution of Great Britain

  • Royal Institution of Great Britain: additional institutional records 2001-2009

Royal Society

  • James Baddiley, microbiologist: papers incl notes and theses 1940-2008 (JB)
  • Iain Bishop, explorer: papers rel to expeditions to unexplored areas of Brazil 1966-1993 (IRB)
  • Gustav Born, pharmacologist: records incl corresp, notebooks and diaries 1952-1997 (GVB)
  • John Wyrill Christian, metallurgist: papers including notebooks and diaries 1946-2001 (JWC)
  • Keith Dalziel, biochemist: papers 1940-1980 (KD)
  • James Philip Elliott, nuclear physicist: papers and corresp 1950s-1990s (JPE)
  • Sir Brian Heap, biologist: corresp, reports and papers 1995-2003 (RBH)

Wellcome Library

  • Isabel Menzies Lyth, psychoanalyst and social scientist: papers incl corresp, publications, unpublished writing, working notes c 1950-2008 (PP/IML)
  • Maureen Young, physiologist: papers incl drafts and unpublished writings rel to career c1940-2000 (PP/MYG)


Aberdeen University, Special Libraries and Archives

  • William Grant Craib, botanist: papers 1920-33 (Acc 373)
  • Thomas Hugh Pennington, bacteriologist: papers c1970-2004 (Acc 355)

Bristol University Information Services: Special Collections

  • Sir Frederick Charles Frank, physicist: additional papers 1944-2009 (DM2184)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Peter W Hawkes, physicist: corresp files rel to electron microscopy and the Cambridge Review 20th cent (MS Add. 9844, MS Add. 9846)
  • Joseph Burtt Hutchinson, geneticist and agriculturist: corresp rel to early agriculture 1967-1980 (MS Add. 9847)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • Sir Hermann Bondi, mathematician and astronomer: additional personal and scientific papers c1960-2000 (BOND)
  • Max Born, German physicist: personal and scientific papers c1910-2000 (BORN)
  • Francis Harry Compton Crick, biologist: papers rel to his work at the Medical Research Council Unit for the Study of Molecular Biology, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge 1953-1969 (MISC 90)
  • John David Lawson, nuclear physicist: scientific and other papers 1945-2009 (LWSN)
  • Max Ferdinand Perutz, biologist: scientific papers 1970-2002 (PRTZ)
  • George Henry Lane Pitt-Rivers, anthropologist: anthropological, scientific and political papers c1920-1960 (PITI)
  • Sir Joseph Rotblat, physicist and peace campaigner: scientific papers 1934-2005 (RTBT)
  • Edward Samuel Shire, physicist: corrsp rel to scientific research 1941-1969 (SHRE)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Sir Frank Fraser Darling, ecologist: papers rel to him (E.2008.23)
  • Sir Archibald Geikie, geologist: further papers (E.2008.5)

Exeter University Library (Special Collections)

  • Zoltan Dienes, mathematician: papers concerning his publications on teaching mathematics 1950-1999 (MS 358)

Glasgow University Archive Services

  • Guido Pontecorvo, geneticist: papers 20th cent (ACCN 3402)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Frederick Orpen Bower, botanist: journal with photographs of Bower's voyage to Australia for the conference of the British Association for the Advancement of Science 1914 (MS Gen 571)
  • Alexander Wilson, astronomer: notebook incl diagrams and notes on astronomy, telescopes and thermometers 1735-53 (MS Gen 574)

Imperial College Archives and Corporate Records Unit

  • Alfred Rupert Hall, professor of the history of science and technology: records incl history of science papers and corresp c1950-2000 (B/Hall)

London University: King's College Archives

  • Chelsea College: Department of Biochemistry papers 1971-1989 (Acc 1905)
  • London University, Queen Elizabeth College: Microbiology Department records 1949-1984 (Acc 1974)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Donald Stephen Lowell Cardwell, historian of Science and Technology: personal and departmental papers, Dept for the History of Science and Technology, UMIST (2009/009)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts

  • Nicholas Kurti, physicist: corresp and papers 1880-2007
  • George John Romanes, scientist: papers c1870-1900
  • Oxford University Scientific Society: papers c1974-2004

Sheffield University Library

  • Frederick Sydney Dainton, Baron Dainton of Hallam Moors, scientist: academic papers 1930-1997 (MS 231)

Southampton University Library

  • A James McQuillan, research chemist: papers rel to discovery of surface-enhanced raman scattering 1972-74 (MS 381)