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Major accessions to repositories in 2009 relating to Cinema, Drama and the Performing Arts


BBC Written Archives Centre

  • Raymond Frederic Baxter, television presenter and commentator: papers 1949-94 (S540)
  • Richard Marson, television editor: additional material rel to editorship of Blue Peter 1960-2008 (S518)
  • British Broadcasting Corporation, World Service: additional Marketing and Overseas Audience Research papers and publications
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: Radio 3: papers rel to programmes and projects, incl corresp with contributors 1970-2006 (R132)
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: building plans mainly rel to Television Centre and Broadcasting House c1970-90
  • BBC Pensioners Association: forms and results of the 'Life After the BBC' survey 2008 (S539)
  • Broadcasting Council for Wales: agendas, minutes and papers 1954-79 (WA37)


Bedfordshire and Luton Archives Service

  • Luton Arts Council: minutes and other records 1951-1966 (Z1231)

Berkshire Record Office

  • Bracknell Film Society: records incl minutes, accounts, programmes 1959-2000 (D/EX 2126)

Bristol Record Office

  • Avon Touring Theatre Company: accounts, corresp and papers 1983-1993 (44278)
  • Nomads Concert and Dramatic Party: photographs and membership cards 1920-1928 (44208)

Bromley Local Studies & Archives

  • Churchill Theatre Club: minutes 1948-2007 (1899)

Croydon Archives Service

  • Croydon Stagers, amateur theatrical group: minutes and records 1908-2008 (A978)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Chesterfield Amateur Theatre Federation: minutes and Chesterfield Drama Festival adjudicator's reports and ephemera 1969-1995 (D7144)

Devon Record Office

  • Ide Pantomime Group: minutes, accounts and papers 1976-1993 (7487)

East Sussex Record Office

  • John Campbell Wells, writer, actor, director: additional scripts 1977-78 (10310)

Essex Record Office

  • Langdon Players, Essex: letters, accounts, committee minutes, programmes, newscuttings and photographs of productions 1938-1962 (D/Z 544)

Flintshire Record Office

  • George Emlyn Williams, playwright and actor: letters and photographs 1980-1990 (AN 4293)

Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Theatre Royal, Winchester: records of development, programmes, posters, fliers and brochures rel to productions 1974-2008 (25A09W)
  • Solent Peoples Theatre: photographs, slides, audio-visual material, files and other papers rel to shows and projects c1980-2008 (21A09)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Watford Palace Theatre: production files, administrative and financial records, scripts, programmes, promotional material and photographs 1932-2008 (Acc 4682, Acc 4699, Acc 4720, Acc 4754)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Joshua Duckworth, printer, bookbinder and cinema owner: accounts 1890-1924 (DDX 752)

London Metropolitan Archives: City of London

  • Saam Theatre Group: oral history project c2008 (LMA/4530)

Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

  • Cosgrave Hall Films, childrens programmes producers, Manchester: records incl story boards for Bill and Ben 2000 (2009.30)

North Lanarkshire Archives

  • The Clock Theatre (Kilsyth) Ltd: minutes, accounts, photographs c1970-1979 (ACC 1871)

Northamptonshire Record Office

  • Theatre Royal, Northampton: directors minutes, board minutes, accounts, wages books, show analysis books, programmes, newspaper cuttings, posters, photos 1913-1997

Oldham Local Studies & Archives

  • Dora Bryan, actress: records 1950-1990 (2009/3)

Somerset Record Office/Somerset Heritage Office

  • Somerset Opera: committee minutes, corresp and papers 1981-1999 (A\CYY)

Surrey History Centre

  • Thames Valley Amateur Radio Transmitters Society: records incl log book of transmissions, membership records, accounts, photographs and press cuttings 1927-2009 (8530)

Sutton Local Studies & Archives Centre

  • Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club: minutes 1905-2009 (Accession 777)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Henfield Theatre Co: scrap books and information boards incl of predecessor Henfield Players 1929-2005 (Acc 15541)

Wigan Archives Service

  • Leigh and District Amateur Drama Federation: records 1930-82 (2009/15)


British Film Institute, Special Collections

  • Henry Anthony Vaughan Bulleid, amateur film maker, writer, film historian and railway engineer: papers incl scripts
  • Sheila Carter, screenwriter: papers incl working notes and script drafts c1950-1969
  • Stephen Dalby, camera operator: mss memoirs c1910-2008
  • Dimitri de Grunwald, film producer: papers incl scripts 1967-1970
  • James Cellan Jones, television director and producer: additonal corresp
  • Gerald Levenson, film technician: papers incl corresp, articles, pamphlets
  • Michael McCarthy, director and scriptwriter: corresp and scripts 1951-1957
  • Mary Selway, casting agent, film and television producer: papers incl corresp and contracts 1975-2004
  • Stanley Shields, film art director: additional papers
  • David Wickes, film director: film production paperwork for Silver Dream Racer c1975-1980

British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Peter Gill, OBE, playwright and theatre director: papers 1911-2006 (Add. 88898)
  • Harold Pinter, actor and playwright: papers 20th-21st cent (Add. 88880, Add. 88920)

British Library, Music Collections

  • Bernard Herrmann, composer of film scores: letters c1911-1975 (2009/09)

British Library, Sound Archive

  • Neil Hornick, actor and performer: recordings rel to performance group 'The Troupe' c1965-1970 (C1390)

National Library of Ireland

  • Brian Friel, playwright: papers incl ms notebooks and corresp 2000-2009 (ACC 6941)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Michael Aiken Elder, playwright: radio and television scripts 1954-87 (Acc.13051)
  • Thomas Weir, mountaineer, author and broadcaster: papers c1932-2000 (Acc.13059)
  • 7:84 (Scotland) Theatre Company: further papers c1994-2008 (Acc.13017)
  • Traverse Theatre Co: further papers 1993-2009 (Acc.13070)
  • Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh: records c1990-2008 (Acc.13016)

V&A Department of Theatre and Performance (formerly) Theatre Museum Archive

  • Douglas Hannaford Jeffery, theatre photographer: personal papers, photographs and ephemera c1940-2008 (THM/374)


Mountain Heritage Trust

  • Kendal Mountain Film Festival CIC: festival records incl films and entry forms 2008 (KMF)
  • Mountain Film Festival Ltd, Cumbria: records incl films and entry forms for the Kendal based festival 1999-2008 (MFF)

Trinity Laban: Laban Library and Archive

  • Dorothy Gifford Madden, senior lecturer, choreographer and author: papers incl corresp c1987-2008 (2009/41)
  • Tony Nandi, photographer: photographs and negatives of Transitions Dance Company c1985-2006 (2009/1)
  • Marion North, dance pioneer: papers rel to Bonnie Bird, recordings of early child movement and research papers 1982-1995 (2009/49)
  • Dr Valerie Preston-Dunlop, senior lecturer and choreographer: papers incl research and Labanotation 1940-1990 (2009/50)
  • Joanna Shapland, dance and performance artist: papers incl flyers and programmes c1980-1990 (2009/3)
  • Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance: photographs and negatives rel to Bonnie Bird, Bonnie Bird Choreography fund and Trinity Laban. 1988-1996 (2009/13)


Borthwick Institute for Archives: University of York

  • York Student Television, University of York: videos of interviewees, footage and programming 1967-1990 (UoY/YSTV)

Bristol University: Theatre Collection

  • Alec Clunes, actor: set designs from his collection; the Mousetrap from 'Hamlet', 'Othello', and 'Romeo and Juliet' (2009/0027)
  • Richard Digby-Day, theatre director and teacher: additional papers (2009/0040, 2009/0049)
  • Berta Freistadt, poet and drama teacher: additional books and papers (2009/0091)
  • William Arnold Ridley, actor and playwright: additional scripts (2009/0002)
  • Bristol Old Vic Co: addititional material found under the floor during redevelopment work (2009/0068)
  • Bristol University, Drama Department: papers rel to research and publication of 'Engineers of the Imagination' (Baz Kershaw/WSI, 6 folders) (2009/0094)
  • British Drama League: dialect records (78 rpm) (2009/0065)
  • Julia Trevelyan Oman, set designer: additional papers (JTO)

Exeter University Library (Special Collections)

  • Noel Chanan, director and photographer: 'The Artist and the Poet' (DVD) 2009 (MS 192)

Liverpool John Moores University

  • Merseyside Unity Theatre: papers c1944-2008

London University: Institute of Education

  • Marian Ray, educational film maker: records rel to Marion Ray Filmstrips company incl film reel and art work c1948-70 (RAY)

Manchester University: John Rylands Library

  • Peter Slade, pioneer of educational drama: letters to Dr John Casson on dramatherapy 1994-2004 (2009/019)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts

  • Alan Bennett, author and playwright: additional diaries and radio script of 'The Lady in the Van'

Reading University Library: Special Collections

  • Andrew Britton, film critic: papers incl film criticism, lecture notes, manuscripts of published works, corresp c1970-94 (MS5377)

Sheffield University Library

  • Radio Luxembourg: records incl schedules and scripts 1923-2002 (MS387)

Strathclyde University Archives

  • Verity Ann Lambert, television and film producer: corresp and papers 1935-2008 (T-LAM)

Sussex University Library Special Collections

  • Peter Baylis, director: photographs, letters and scripts rel to his documentary 'The worlds of Rudyard Kipling' 1880-1973 (SxMs103)