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King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives: 2008 Accessions

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  • Brigadier Derrick Hubert Baynham: memoir incl descriptions of assisting in the evacuation of Dunkirk and Special Operations Executive training 1939-1942 (Baynham)
  • Lt-Colonel Robert Verelst Boyle: papers incl corresp and lecture notes 1942-1943 (Boyle, RV)
  • Air Marshal Sir Timothy Garden: papers incl corresp, research material and lecture transcripts rel to issues incl the Falklands war, nuclear weapons and the European Union 1982-2006 (Garden)
  • Lt-Colonel John Horace Marriot: papers incl memoir of life and early army career and transcripts of letters home from Western Desert 1940s (Marriott)
  • Colonel William de Lemos Milles Messenger: papers rel to British nuclear policy and atomic tests incl a report on the effects of the blast on a Challenger tank in Australia, 1953 and papers rel to Messenger's role as Scientific Advisor (Nuclear) to Northhampton County Council Emergency Planning, 1980-1993 1945-1994 (Messenger)
  • Farrier Sergeant Richard E Pyle: diary of a voyage to Sudan made by Royal Irish Lancers 1885