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Royal Air Force Museum, Department of Research and Information Services: 2008 Accessions

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  • Wing Commander Robert Noel Archer: papers rel to the Missing Research & Enquiry Service and an investigation into an aircraft shot down over Europe 1945-1949 (X004-2400)
  • Captain Leonard William Baker: papers incl photographs 1914-1919 (X001-3891)
  • Squadron Leader Bertie Clarence Coates: papers (X004-8422)
  • Wing Commander Hubert Neville Garbett: papers 1937-1959 (X004-2475)
  • Flight Lieutenant Angus Caesar-Gordon: papers, log books and photographs 1937-1990 (X0003-8841)
  • Wing Commander Gerald John Gray: log books 1939-1962 (X001-3841)
  • Alexander Adolphus Dumfries Henshaw, racing and test pilot: papers 1930-2006 (X002-9256)
  • Air Chief Marshal Lewis MacDonald Hodges: log books 1937-1976 (X004-8443)
  • Wing Commander Kenneth Gilbert Hubbard: papers (X004-6048)
  • Squadron Leader William Lott: papers 1945-2007 (X004-2433)
  • Group Captain Richard Angus McMurtrie: papers 1929-1962 (X004-1465)
  • Wing Commander Eric James Brindley Nicolson: papers 1936-1944 (X004-8409)
  • Wing Commander Alan Geoffrey Page: log books 1937-1948 (X004-1425)
  • Flying Officer Harold Lord Piper: papers 1930-1997 (X004-8497)
  • Wing Commander Harry Proctor Powell: papers 1919-1986 (X004-2382)
  • Squadron Leader Frank Ernest Rymills: log book 1939-1959 (X004-9469)
  • Squadron Leader Eric William Seabourne: papers 1938-1951 (X004-2332)
  • Air Commodore John Henry Searby: papers incl log books and photographs 1936-1991 (X004-2322)
  • Wing Commander Neville Edsell Stidolph, general surgeon and urologist: papers 1941-1945 (X004-1421)
  • Warrant Officer Robert James Utteridge: papers (X004-8421)
  • Air Vice Marshal Harold Arthur Cooper Bird-Wilson: papers, log books and photographs 1937-2000 (X003-7892)
  • Wing Commander Donald Wood: papers 1942-1974 (X004-9401)