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National Library of Ireland: 2008 Accessions

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  • Maffett family of Finglas: family and estate papers incl material rel to Bayly family 19th-20th cent (Acc 6853)
  • Maude family of Clondalkin: family papers rel to First World War incl corresp, books and cuttings rel to General Sir Stanley Maude, his nephew Marcus Maude and others c1916-17 (MS 44,686)
  • Thomas Ashe, Irish nationalist: corresp incl account of his force feeding 1914-24 (MS 44,618 - 44,619)
  • James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, statesman: commonplace book late 17thcent (Acc 6790)
  • Andrew Carpenter, professor of English at University College, Dublin: drafts of prose and poems with related material c1964-2000 (Acc 6773)
  • William Thomas Cosgrave, President of the Executive Council of the Irish Free State: description (14pp) of treatment of Irish prisoners in British jails 1916 (MS 44,674)
  • Leslie Daiken, Irish socialist journalist and poet: playscripts, corresp, cuttings and material rel to Jewish publications (Acc 6784)
  • Emmet Dalton: papers incl letters, diary, cuttings, photographs c1918-22 (Acc 6801)
  • Gregory Delanty, writer: working notes, drafts, personal corresp and other papers late 20th cent (Acc 6810)
  • Roddy Doyle, writer: drafts, proofs, scripts and screenplays rel to various novels, plays, childrens' books and short stories 1980-2007 (MSS Collection List 135)
  • Brian Friel, playwright: corresp and misc further papers c1960-2008 (Acc 6689)
  • Oliver St John Gogarty, Irish Senator and writer: letters (12) to Cecil Harmsworth 1927-30 (Acc 6847)
  • Robert Greacen, Irish poet: additional papers (Acc 6781, 6796)
  • Rear Admiral Sir John Hill: corresp and papers rel to involvement in famine relief in Ireland 1831-36 (MS 45,004)
  • John Horgan, Irish journalist and biographer: corresp and personal papers c1970-2008 (Acc 6785, 6817)
  • Benedict Kiely, author and broadcaster: corresp, press cuttings, diaries, poems, photographs (Acc 6766)
  • James Sheridan Knowles, dramatist: letters to various correspondents, with MS poem 'Robin and Anna' 1840-56 (MS 44,601; 44,603)
  • Louis Napoleon Le Roux, biographer: research papers and corresp rel to his biographies of Thomas Clarke and Padraig Pearse c1930-38 (MS 44,683-684; 44,688-694)
  • Tom MacIntyre, Irish writer: journals (Acc 6771)
  • Henry Telford Maffett, soldier: papers rel to First World War service and death 1914 (Acc 6852)
  • John Montague, Irish poet: draft poems, corresp, proofs and working library late 20th cent (Acc 6840)
  • Sir William Newenham Montague Orpen, painter: letters (24) to Cecil Harmsworth 1927-32 (Acc 6845)
  • Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bt, statesman: letters (12) 1812-16 (Acc 6793)
  • Liam De Roiste, Gaelic scholar and politician: corresp and papers c1907-25 (MS 44,687; 44,679; 44680)
  • George Bernard Shaw, author and playwright: letters (15) to AJ Marriott, Fabian 1892-1928 (Acc 6762)
  • John Sweetman, Irish Nationalist politician: corresp and papers incl material rel to the Irish Land League, the Gaelic League, the Irish Parliamentary Party and Sinn Féin c1880-1936 (Acc 6751)
  • Sir Thomas Wyse, politician and diplomat: letters to his sister and from various correspondents, incl William Smith O'Brien, with maps of his estates in counties Waterford and Laois and other family papers 1799-1916 (MSS 44,605; 42,004; 42,026; 44,655; 44,649-44,654)
  • William Butler Yeats, poet and playwright: letters (12) to Cecil Harmsworth 1926-38 (Acc 6846)
  • Cunard Steamship Co Ltd: documents rel to Lusitania's voyage New York to Liverpool 1915 (MS 44,584)
  • Field Day, theatre and publishing company: corresp, publication proofs, theatre scripts, design material and photographs c1980-2008 (Acc 6764)
  • TownHouse, publishers, Dublin: administrative papers and corresp late 20th cent (Acc 6836)
  • Irish Queer Archive: administrative papers, publications, corresp and related material 20th cent (Acc 6813-6814)