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Imperial War Museum Department of Documents: 2008 Accessions

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  • Charles Bogart, army officer: diary rel to service in Korea with Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 1950
  • Reginald Howard Boulden: diary and papers rel to service on HMS Norfolk 1941-1942
  • Captain Arthur Geoffrey Campion: papers incl corresp and photographs rel to his service within the Royal Artillery in the UK and Kenya 1939-1945
  • Captain Kenneth Archibald Davey: papers rel to military career and time as prisoner of war in Singapore and Thailand 1940-1949
  • Takayuki Eguchi, internee: papers rel to his internment as a Japanese International and his and his wife Winifred's lives in the UK 1930-1945
  • Frank Jewell Evans, Chaplain: corresp rel to service as a Chaplain to the forces in UK, Egypt and Palestine 1917-1920
  • Vice Admiral Sir Denys Chester Ford: papers 1903-1950
  • Walter Challis Franks, volunteer: diaries rel to wartime voluntary work in Newbury, Berkshire 1939-1945
  • John HA Gerrard, national serviceman: letters written during service with the Royal Artillery in Korea 1953-1955
  • Lt-Colonel Harold Hays: papers rel to service as a Military Government Officer during the occupation of Germany 1945-1948
  • Albert Frederick Hird, journalist: diaries rel to employment at The Daily Express and life in London 1939-1951
  • Frederick Augustus Kaufmann, prisoner of war: diary rel to experience as prisoner of war in Hong Kong 1942-1945
  • Colonel Oliver John Martin Lindsay: research papers rel to books 'The Lasting Honour: the Fall of Hong Kong 1941' and 'At the Going Down of the Sun: Hong Kong and South East Asia 1941-45' 1978-1981
  • David Carol Macdonald Mather, politician: papers rel to his military career 1939-1948
  • Lady Annette Amelia Matthews: diaries rel to life and voluntary work in Tunbridge Wells 1914-1918
  • Lelio Kingsley McKee, naval officer: papers rel to service in the Merchant Navy 1939-1952
  • Captain Andrew Ernest Somerset Mulholland: corresp rel to service with Irish Guards 1914
  • Thomas Cyril Nobbs, Fascist: papers rel to his membership of British Union of Fascists and internment 1937-1944
  • Nora Joan Pitman, Second Officer: corresp rel to service in the Women's Royal Naval Service in Ceylon and Singapore 1945-1946
  • Major Raymond JT Pollock: papers rel to service with the Intelligence Corps incl corresp with German pen friend 1935-1945
  • Lt Leonard Harper Riddell: papers rel to service in RNAS and RAF and time as a prisoner of war in Germany 1917-1918
  • Major William Francis Crichton Robertson: papers rel to service with the Duke of Wellington's Regiment in Korea 1952-1953
  • Colonel Thomas Avison Round Scott: papers rel to military career and time as a prisoner of war in Singapore and Taiwan 1941-1948
  • Rear Admiral Alfred Hugh Taylor: papers incl corresp 1914-1945
  • Captain Sir David Stanley Tibbits: papers rel to naval career 1935-1961
  • Vice Admiral Bertram Chalmers Watson: papers 1902-1945
  • Lt-Colonel John Steel Watson: papers rel to service at the War Office, in Iceland and with SHAEF 1939-1945
  • Edward Naughton: account of Dublin car bomb attack 1972