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Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department: 2008 Accessions

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  • James Thomson Bottomley, electrical engineer: papers rel to Bottomley, Lord Kelvin and scientific matters incl telegraph cable laying 1865-1925 (Accession Number: 4943)
  • Sir Denis William Brogan, historian and political scientist: corresp and research paper incl those of Lady Olwen Brogan, archaeologist 1930-74
  • John Durkan, historian: papers rel to Scottish historical research 1950-90
  • Bet Low, artist: papers incl corresp, material rel to exhibition and sale of work, involvement with Unity Theatre and New Charing Cross Gallery, Glasgow 1940-2000 (Accession Number: 4944)
  • William Stirling-Maxwell, 9th Baronet MP, historian and art collector: Arms, Ciphers and Devices, designs, incl coats of arms (1 vol) 1848 (MS Gen 567)
  • Patrick Miller, banker and inventor: corresp, with some transcripts and related 20th cent corresp c1780-1815 (Accession Number: 4944)
  • William Thomson, Baron Kelvin, physicist: papers of the Thomson family incl James Thomson (1822-1892), engineer c1814-1924 (MS Gen 1752)
  • Journal of a student believed to have attended Divinity Hall, University of Glasgow 1801-02 (MS Gen 564)