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National Monuments Record: 2008 Accessions

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  • Donald Benjamin Harden, archaeologist and museum director: papers rel to excavation of Anglo-Saxon glass kilns at Glastonbury 1955-1960 (DBH01)
  • Mary Hickmott: photographs and notes rel to forms and decoration of pre-1840 headstones in England and Wales 1986-2007 (MXH01)
  • EG Tasker, local historian and photographer, Barnsley: photographs of English medieval church architecture 1950-1989 (TAS01)
  • Frederick William Woledge, landscape painter: sketchbook with landscape views in pencil 1861-1865 (FXW01)
  • Downland Partnership Ltd, land surveyors, Devizes: photogrammetric survey negatives covering major heritage sites in England 1994-2005 (DLP01)
  • Robert Matthew Johnson Marshall (RMJM), architects, Edinburgh and London: project files, drawings and photographs rel to major English commissions 1956-1986 (RMJ01)
  • CJ Wills & Sons, building contractors, London: photographs showing construction of island forts in the Humber estuary 1915-1918 (IFH01)
  • Joint Aerial Reconnaissance and Interpretation Centre: vertical aerial photography of England 1974-1984 (RAF01)