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Wellcome Library: 2008 Accessions

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  • James Bankart, ophthalmologist: papers incl case books, accounts and a family recipe book 1850s-1900 (PP/JBB)
  • Arthur Sydney Blundell Bankart, orthopaedic surgeon: records incl case and account books, sketches and notebooks 1900-1950s (PP/ABB)
  • William Leonard Braddon, tropical medicine specialist: letters to Sir Charles James Martin rel to the etiology of Beriberi 1910-1911 (MS.8589)
  • Michael Stacke-Dunne, biochemical research scientist: papers incl corresp rel to ethics and philosophy of scientific research 1950s-2000s (PP/MSD)
  • Phillip M D'Arcy Hart, physician and medical scientist: records incl medical research papers rel to the treatment of tuberculosis and personal papers rel to socialism and peace campaigning 1928-2006 (PP/PDH)
  • Kenneth Heathfield, neurologist: papers rel to epilepsy and Huntington's chorea and lecture slides 1920s-1990s (PP/KHF)
  • John Morrison Hobson, doctor: papers incl letters from Mary Rebecca Hobson and Frances Robert Hobson 1878-1931 (MS.8578)
  • Hedwig Lehman, nurse and jewish refugee: nursing lecture books, ephemera and transcipts of an interview with Leham rel to history of Jewish community in Hamburg 1930s-90s (MSS.8597-8603)
  • Sir Bernard Henry Spilsbury, forensic pathologist: index cards recording interesting cases 1905-1932 (PP/SPI)
  • Thomas Stapleton, paediatrician: records 1940s-2007 (PP/THS)
  • George Herbert Whidborne, ship's surgeon: journal of voyage from England to Shanghai and Zanzibar incl illustrations 1865-66 (MS.8636)
  • John Kenneth Wing, psychiatrist: papers rel to the Psychiatrists' Research Unit 1960s-1990s (PP/WNG)
  • Alexandre Emile Jean Yersin, bacteriologist: typescript volumes rel to travels in Vietnam 1890s (MSS.8607-08)
  • Biochemical Society: administrative papers and personal papers of individuals incl Dr Frederick Sanger c1895-2006 (SA/BIO)
  • British Psychological Society: records of the society and individuals professional papers 19th-20th cent (SA/PSY)
  • The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths: records incl papers rel to funded scientific research projects, minutes and corresp 1970s-90s (SA/SID)