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Royal Naval Museum: 2008 Accessions

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  • John Biss, painter: diary of service aboard HMS Hannibal in the Mediterranean and HMS Euryalus on the China Station, with a series of songs and poems 1859-1865 (2008.14)
  • Albert Brailey, seaman: collected papers rel to early naval service incl letters while serving on HMS Impregnable and HMS Frobisher 1924-27 (2008.95)
  • John Wilson Carmichael, marine artist: diary during the Baltic Campaign of the Crimean War 1855 (2008.52)
  • PA Chatters: diary aboard HMS Sapphire, incl details of Dardanelles service 1914-17 (2008.8)
  • Rear-Admiral John Cornwall: letters and documents rel to naval career 1809-70 (2008.33/1)
  • David Peter Fleming, seaman: items rel to service on HMS Eagle, incl diary and ship's magazines 1955-57 (2008.32)
  • George Thomas James, Chief Yeoman of Signals, RN: papers rel to naval service incl diary and testimonials 1909-45 (2008.142)
  • Walter King, Master at Arms: papers rel to naval service incl journals and notebooks 1874-88 (2008.11)
  • Henry W Malone, stoker: completed log of time as prisoner of war incl account of sinking of HMS Bedouin which led to his capture 1942-45 (2008.68)
  • FJ Peel, stoker, RN: transcript diary aboard HMS Weymouth incl commissioning period, East Africa service and Mediterranean service 1913-16 (2008.102)
  • George Platford, stoker: diary of service aboard HMS Canopus incl services in South Atlantic, Pacific and Dardanelles 1914-15 (2008.35)
  • William Leonard Wilks, shipwright: diary during service on HMAS Australia while seconded to the Royal Australian Navy 1913 (2008.139)
  • William James Wood, signalman RNVR: papers incl diary while serving with the Dover Patrol, incl accounts of the sinking of HMS Glatton and the raid on Zeebrugge 1917-18 (2008.7)
  • Cape of Good Hope Dockyard: in and out letter book of the Master Attendant 1806-09 (2008.154)