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Major accessions to repositories in 2008 relating to Irish History


Imperial War Museum Department of Documents

  • Edward Naughton: account of Dublin car bomb attack 1972

National Library of Ireland

  • Maffett family of Finglas: family and estate papers incl material rel to Bayly family 19th-20th cent (Acc 6853)
  • Maude family of Clondalkin: family papers rel to First World War incl corresp, books and cuttings rel to General Sir Stanley Maude, his nephew Marcus Maude and others c1916-17 (MS 44,686)
  • Thomas Ashe, Irish nationalist: corresp incl account of his force feeding 1914-24 (MS 44,618 - 44,619)
  • James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, statesman: commonplace book late 17thcent (Acc 6790)
  • Andrew Carpenter, professor of English at University College, Dublin: drafts of prose and poems with related material c1964-2000 (Acc 6773)
  • William Thomas Cosgrave, President of the Executive Council of the Irish Free State: description (14pp) of treatment of Irish prisoners in British jails 1916 (MS 44,674)
  • Leslie Daiken, Irish socialist journalist and poet: playscripts, corresp, cuttings and material rel to Jewish publications (Acc 6784)
  • Emmet Dalton: papers incl letters, diary, cuttings, photographs c1918-22 (Acc 6801)
  • Gregory Delanty, writer: working notes, drafts, personal corresp and other papers late 20th cent (Acc 6810)
  • Roddy Doyle, writer: drafts, proofs, scripts and screenplays rel to various novels, plays, childrens' books and short stories 1980-2007 (MSS Collection List 135)
  • Brian Friel, playwright: corresp and misc further papers c1960-2008 (Acc 6689)
  • Oliver St John Gogarty, Irish Senator and writer: letters (12) to Cecil Harmsworth 1927-30 (Acc 6847)
  • Robert Greacen, Irish poet: additional papers (Acc 6781, 6796)
  • Rear Admiral Sir John Hill: corresp and papers rel to involvement in famine relief in Ireland 1831-36 (MS 45,004)
  • John Horgan, Irish journalist and biographer: corresp and personal papers c1970-2008 (Acc 6785, 6817)
  • Benedict Kiely, author and broadcaster: corresp, press cuttings, diaries, poems, photographs (Acc 6766)
  • James Sheridan Knowles, dramatist: letters to various correspondents, with MS poem 'Robin and Anna' 1840-56 (MS 44,601; 44,603)
  • Louis Napoleon Le Roux, biographer: research papers and corresp rel to his biographies of Thomas Clarke and Padraig Pearse c1930-38 (MS 44,683-684; 44,688-694)
  • Tom MacIntyre, Irish writer: journals (Acc 6771)
  • Henry Telford Maffett, soldier: papers rel to First World War service and death 1914 (Acc 6852)
  • John Montague, Irish poet: draft poems, corresp, proofs and working library late 20th cent (Acc 6840)
  • Sir William Newenham Montague Orpen, painter: letters (24) to Cecil Harmsworth 1927-32 (Acc 6845)
  • Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bt, statesman: letters (12) 1812-16 (Acc 6793)
  • Liam De Roiste, Gaelic scholar and politician: corresp and papers c1907-25 (MS 44,687; 44,679; 44680)
  • George Bernard Shaw, author and playwright: letters (15) to AJ Marriott, Fabian 1892-1928 (Acc 6762)
  • John Sweetman, Irish Nationalist politician: corresp and papers incl material rel to the Irish Land League, the Gaelic League, the Irish Parliamentary Party and Sinn Fin c1880-1936 (Acc 6751)
  • Sir Thomas Wyse, politician and diplomat: letters to his sister and from various correspondents, incl William Smith O'Brien, with maps of his estates in counties Waterford and Laois and other family papers 1799-1916 (MSS 44,605; 42,004; 42,026; 44,655; 44,649-44,654)
  • William Butler Yeats, poet and playwright: letters (12) to Cecil Harmsworth 1926-38 (Acc 6846)
  • Field Day, theatre and publishing company: corresp, publication proofs, theatre scripts, design material and photographs c1980-2008 (Acc 6764)
  • TownHouse, publishers, Dublin: administrative papers and corresp late 20th cent (Acc 6836)
  • Irish Queer Archive: administrative papers, publications, corresp and related material 20th cent (Acc 6813-6814)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Black family of Ireland: corresp of various family members writing from Dublin, Belfast, Isle of Man, London, Bordeaux and Cadiz 1673-1868 (D4426)
  • Echlin family of Echlinville: estate and legal records rel to properties in Counties Down and Donegal 1753-1900 (D4438)
  • Ferguson family of Castlederg and Strabane: additional estate records 18th-20th cent (D1890)
  • Montgomery family of Comber: letters from David and Samuel Montgomery while on active service with the 36th (Ulster) Division in France, to their sister 1916-19 (D4452)
  • Stuart family, Earls Castle Stewart: additional family and estate papers, with material rel to the Richardson family of Drum estates, Counties Cavan and Tyrone 1723-1945 (D1618)
  • Jeffrey Dudgeon, author: papers rel to research into Harford Montgomery Hyde 1950-2007 (D4286)
  • William Blease, Baron Blease of Cromac, trade union official and politician: papers 1940-2000 (D4439)
  • Lt-Colonel Charles James Burkel, Royal Flying Corps: papers rel to RFC service 1913-18 (D4427)
  • Gerry Burns, arts administrator: papers rel to the arts in County Armagh incl Kaleidoscope Arts, Peacock Festival, Border Directions and Market Arts Centre, Portadown 1983-2002 (D4432)
  • Sam Burnside, poet and arts campaigner: papers rel to Londonderry arts incl material rel to the development of the Verbal Arts Centre; the Workers Education Authority, the Arts Council, Voluntary Arts Ireland; the Western Education and Library Board and the John Hewitt Summer School. 1970-2005 (D4434)
  • Irene Calvert, Independent MP at Stormont, economist and businesswoman: papers incl corresp, speeches and newspaper cuttings 1940-80 (D4435)
  • John C Hewitt, aviation historian: research papers rel to Irish men serving with RAF during Second World War 1939-2003 (D4433)
  • Robert J Hunter, historian: papers rel to research and teaching 1959-2006 (D4446)
  • Edith Mary Johnston-Liik, professor of history: papers, mainly rel to her History of the Irish Parliament 1956-2006 (D4430)
  • Peter John McLachlan, politician and social worker: papers incl material rel to political career as Unionist Party of Northern Ireland Assembly member, work with the Peace People, interest in penal reform and involvement with community and voluntary groups 1960-99 (D4448)
  • Sir William George Henry Quigley, civil servant: papers rel to review of the operation of the Northern Ireland Parades Commission 2001-02 (D4447)
  • Ethel Margaret Stronge, wife of the Rt Hon Sir James Henry Stronge, baronet, of Tynan Abbey: letters to family friends 1909-13 (D4423)
  • J Ballintine Ltd, timber merchants, Londonderry: records 1903-86 (D4451)
  • Gallaher Ltd, tobacco manufacturers and wholesalers, Ballymena: records with material rel to other tobacco companies, incl annual reports and printed material 1954-2004 (D4443)
  • Harland & Wolff Ltd, shipbuilders, Belfast: additional records incl corresp from Lord Pirrie and material rel to London & Glasgow Engineering and Iron Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Glasgow 1902-32 (D4413)
  • Koninklijke Nederlandse Meubelfabriek H.P. Mutters en Zoon, furniture manufacturers, The Hague: copy records rel to furnishing of Harland & Wolff ships incl the Olympic and Titanic 1907-13 (T3903)
  • Lyric Theatre, Belfast: records 1951-2000 (D4445)
  • Cecil Maxwell, photographer, Bushtown: photographs of family and agricultural activities 1919-30 (D4436)
  • Belfast Masonic Lodge, Royal Arch Chapter No 97: minutes 1921-57 (D4425)
  • Cara-Friend, befriending organisation for lesbian, gay and bisexual communities, Belfast: records, with material rel to the related Lesbian Line and Transvestite-Transsexual Helpline services 1974-2000 (D4437)
  • County Antrim and District Football Association: committee minutes 1888-1904 (D4342)
  • Donacavey (Clogher) Church of Ireland parish records 1777-1878 (CR1/101)
  • Holiday Fellowship, Belfast group: papers 1940-2002 (D4431)
  • Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association: additional records 1986-2008 (D3762)
  • Northern Ireland Coroners Association: records 1967-2000 (D4424)
  • South Belfast Constituency Labour Party: records incl minutes 1945-60 (D4440)
  • Ulster New Zealand Trust: papers incl material rel to Ballance House Visitor Centre 1975-2000 (D4428)
  • Transcripts of letters possibly written by Captain Frank Saunderson, Durham Light Infantry, describing experiences in Crimean War 1854-55 (D4447)


Representative Church Body Library

  • Cecily Day, wife of Bishop of Ossory: album, mainly of press-cuttings, rel to social life in Co Kilkenny and the Church of Ireland 1910-37 (RCBL MS 832)
  • George Ronaldson Cuming Olden, archdeacon of Down: sermons, with personal and family papers incl material rel to his son Aidan Ronald Cuming Olden, rector of Kells 1886-1953 (RCBL MS 845)
  • Edward Stopford, Bishop of Meath: MSS, paintings and other objects, incl possessions of his wife and family 19th-20th cent (RCBL MS 843)
  • St Bride parish, Dublin: parish census 1830 (RCBL C2 Addl)
  • Map of lands in Harold's Cross, Dublin, held by the vicars choral of St Patrick's Cathedral 1714 (RCBL C2 Addl)


Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • Sir Robin Chichester-Clark, Ulster Unionist MP: personal and political papers c1950-2008 (CCLK)