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Tate Gallery Archive: 2007 Accessions

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  • Kenneth Armitage, sculptor: corresp to Rosemary Herbert Smith 1946-50 (TGA 200721)
  • Kenneth Armitage, sculptor: corresp to Anne Severs 1952-56 (TGA 200716)
  • John Armstrong, artist: corresp, poetry and photographs 1926-55 (TGA 200713)
  • Colin Booth, artist and academic: papers rel to the Situation Group, Brice Marden and Agnes Martin c1960-79 (TGA 200731)
  • Lillian Browse, art dealer and historian: personal papers, research papers, papers rel to Roland, Browse and Delbanco c1960-99 (TGA 20075)
  • Dennis Farr, gallery director: research papers rel to Lynn Chadwick, Terry Frost, and William Etty; his work at Tate, Birmingham, and the Courtauld; and societies and funding bodies c1960-2006 (TGA 200729)
  • Arthur Fish, art critic and writer: corresp 1887-1908 (TGA 20076)
  • Naum Gabo, sculptor: additional records c1910-49 (TGA 200734)
  • Mark Gertler, painter: personal papers, papers rel to Bernard Meninsky, corresp to Noel Carrington rel to Dora Carrington c1970-99 (TGA 20077)
  • Duncan James Corrowr Grant, artist: papers incl diaries, writings, memoirs, corresp, copies of the 'Charleston Bulletin', sketches and photographs 1880s-1978 (TGA 20078)
  • Patrick Hayman, artist: personal papers 1957-64 (TGA 994)
  • St John Hutchinson, barrister-at-law: letters from Henri Matisse rel to purchase of 'Liseuse Lombrelle' 1926 (TGA 200735)
  • Michael Lumb, academic and collector: papers rel to Ray Johnson; corresp with artists; and papers rel to Robin Crozier and Brian Lane 1985-2005 (TGA 200732)
  • David Mayor, art publisher: personal papers inc records rel to Revealer cassette magazine, mail art and Genesis P-Orridge and Throbbing Gristle c1970-89 (TGA 200730)
  • Alan George Heyward Melly, jazz musician: lecture notes rel to surrealist artists and topics c1970-1999 (TGA 200723)
  • Ben Nicholson, painter: corresp from Kate and Jake Nicholson, Alan Bowness, Terry Frost, Jim Moyes, Victor and Wendy Pasmore, Norman Reid and Leslie Waddington 1969-81 (TGA 200710)
  • Charles Maresco Pearce, artist: MS memoirs of 1905-1914 inc encounters with the Bloomsbury Group, Augustus John and the Camden Town group. c1950-59 (TGA 200724)
  • John Egerton Christmas Piper, artist: letters to John Moody re designs for the theatre 1946-77 (TGA 200725)
  • Berenice Sydney, artist: personal papers inc corresp with galleries and collectors 1966-83 (TGA 200711)
  • Nicholas Zurbrugg, art historian, lecturer and writer: letters to Marita Krivda concerning the avant-garde c1970-89 (TGA 200713)
  • Piccadilly Gallery, London: corresp, photographs of art works, financial records c1960-2000 (TGA 200722)
  • Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London: corresp and photographs rel to the gallery and its exhibitions 1988-2005 (TGA 200715)
  • Institute of Visual Culture: corresp with artists and institutions, financial records (2001-03), records of the Cambridge Darkroom (c1970-99) c1970-2003 (TGA 20079)
  • National Art Collections Fund: corresp between David Lindsay and Sir Alec Martin 1947-2003 (TGA 200726)