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British Library, Manuscript Collections: 2007 Accessions

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  • Herbert family, Earls of Carnarvon: election corresp of Henry John George Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon 1832 (Add. 83683)
  • Lamb family, Viscounts Melbourne: Brocket Hall: further family corresp and papers 1680s-1875 (Add. 82963-83076)
  • Beryl Bainbridge, actress and writer: corresp and papers 1925-2004 (Add. 83729-83829)
  • Quentin Claudian Stephen Bell, author, art critic and Julian Heward Bell, poet: 'The Charleston Bulletin' and related papers 1923-1927 (Add. 83316-83332)
  • Angela Olive Carter, author and journalist: letters to Simon Watney 1983-1991 (Add. 83682)
  • Eleanor Farjeon, author: additional papers 1888-2003 (Add. 83077-83196)
  • Edward Angelo Goodall, artist: diary, corresp and sketchbooks 1807-1908 (Add. 82920-82924)
  • George Julian Harney, Chartist leader: papers and corresp 1841-95 (Add. 82925-82930)
  • Grace Higgins, housekeeper to Clive and Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant: papers 1900-2001 (Add. 83198-83258)
  • Henry Holiday, artist: papers rel to the 1871 solar eclipse 1871-1872 (Add. 82962)
  • Edward James Hughes, poet: letters to Rosemarie Rowley 1993-1998 (Add. 83260)
  • Edward James Hughes, poet, Sylvia Plath, poet and novelist,and Leonard Baskin, sculptor: additional corresp and literary MSS 1958-2000 (Add. 83684-83698)
  • Edward Johnston, calligrapher and designer: corresp and papers rel to the Society of Calligraphers 1904-1923 (Add. 82730)
  • Charlotte Malkin, wife of Benjamin Heath Malkin, schoolmaster and antiquary: memoir rel to the lives and final illnesses of four of her children 1801-1840 (Add. 83197)
  • Harold Alfred Manhood, author: corresp and papers 1928-1971 (Add. 83261-83314)
  • Anne Laura McLaren, geneticist: corresp and papers c1940-2005 (Add. 83830-83999)
  • Alexander Moneypenny, Brigade Major: entry book rel to service in the British Army in North America 1759-1761 (Add. 83699)
  • Harold Edward Monro, poet, editor and bookseller: additional corresp and papers, incl material rel to Poetry Bookshop 1900-1970 (Add. 83357-83382)
  • Kathleen Jessie Raine, poet: letters to George Every 1945-1970 (Add. 83356)
  • James Augustus St John, author and traveller: journal 1821-1822 (Add. 82960)
  • Sydney Smith, canon of St Paul's and wit, and his wife Catharine Amelia Smith: letters to Elizabeth Stanhope, wife of 5th Earl of Harrington 1840-1844 (Add. 82944)
  • Leicester Fitzgerald Charles Stanhope, 5th Earl of Harrington: corresp 1825-1889 (Add. 82731-82747)
  • John Stanier Waller, 7th Bt, author, poet and journalist: corresp and papers 1939-1996 (Add. 83333-83355)
  • Sir Angus Frank Johnstone Wilson, novelist: family photographs 1883-1999 (Add. 83700-83728)
  • Lord Chamberlain of the Household: corresp rel to licensing of plays and regulation of theatres 1902-1936 (Add. 83383-83681)