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British Library, Sound Archive: 2007 Accessions

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  • Ian Carr, jazz musician and author: unedited interviews conducted as research for books on modern jazz (C1291)
  • William Empson, poet and professor of English Literature: interview 1970 (C1234)
  • David Anthony Peart, transport enthusiast: transport recordings, mostly of buses, taken on a Uher portable recorder 20th cent (C1263)
  • David Richard Widdess, professor of Musicology: field recordings made in India and Nepal 1975-2004 (C1264)
  • Pascal Theatre Company: 50 interviews with Jewish women of various ages and cultural backgrounds recorded as part of a film and exhibition project (C1242)
  • Rough Trade Records: master tapes incl multi-tracks and stereo mixes of recordings c1980-1989 (C1249)
  • Disability Rights Commission: video and audio recordings rel to disability and the work of the commission (C1281)
  • Union Society, Cambridge: debates on cassette and open reel tape c1963-1999 (C1259)
  • Womens Royal Voluntary Service: Eastbourne Heritage Project, oral history interviews with Eastbourne residents rel to social history of food and drink 2005 (C1243)
  • Tristan da Cunha oral history project: interviews with residents most of whom experienced the volcanic eruption, evacuation, and later return to the island 2006 (C1231)
  • Begley Glamour Careers interviews: audio interviews with "role models" in careers percieved to be glamorous to young people c1980-1989 (C1232)
  • Helen Lloyd, Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism: interviews with diabetes sufferers 20th cent (C1239)
  • Lara Marks, historian of medicine: interviews with scientists, medical practitioners and lay test participants involved in the development of the contraceptive pill 20th cent (C1241)
  • Cindy Oswin: "On the Fringe", video interviews with artists and producers from the 60s to the 80s c1960-1989 (C1266)
  • Ediburgh University Science Studies Unit: 8 interviews with distinguished British scientists and 11 interviews with members of staff of the Institute of Animal Genetics 1969-1971 (C1720, C1721)
  • Jaki Beboff collection: recordings of singing sessions with residents of old people's homes in East London reflecting local culture and history 1986-1987 (C1282)
  • Maxwell Davies video recordings: classical video and audio recordings 20th cent (C1260)