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Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive: 2007 Accessions

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  • Alessandro Buccianti: journal of invasion of Egypt by Napoleon (1796-1801), compiled subsequent to the events it records c1847 (0416)
  • Sir Reader William Bullard, diplomat: additional papers rel to Middle East service incl articles, corresp and newspaper cuttings 1914-69 (0042)
  • Sergeant Charles William Butt, Aden Protectorate Levies: colour slides (c10,000) of Oman and other locations in the Middle East (Gulf States, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Sudan and Turkey) c1960-89 (0043)
  • Raymond Oswald Cafferata, soldier and colonial police officer: papers and photographs rel to early life, military and Palestine Police service, with some later material 1889-2002 (0044)
  • Violet Penelope Dickson, wife of Colonel Harold Dickson and resident of Kuwait: additional papers, mainly corresp with her son HYWS Dickson c1880-1985 (0364)
  • Lorraine MacDonald Gould, resident of Kabul: (copy) letters commenting on causes and progress of an uprising against King Amanullah Khan, and evacuation to Peshawar 1928 (0407)
  • Charles Hepworth, soldier: memoir and papers rel to Middle East service, with special reference to Oman 1936-2006 (0410)
  • Helen Ruth Mildred Joly de Lotbiniere, resident of Aden: scrapbook containing journal extracts, corresp and memoirs, with ephemera, rel to her efforts to reach Aden in 1939, with information on her subsequent residence there 1939-41 (0411)
  • Bini Malcolm, photojournalist: additional images of Iran and Yemen c1962-74 (0401)
  • Aubrey Rollo Ibbetson Mellor, civil servant: memoir of time in Egyptian Civil Service incl service with police, as Director of Registry and Archives, and with the Ministry of Finance 1926-77 (0409)
  • Rosalind Ramirez, governess: corresp and papers incl material rel to her time as governess to King Feisal II of Iraq 1943-64 (0408)
  • Palestine Police Old Comrades' Association: further personal papers and photographs of Palestine Policemen, with list of officers seconded to the Arab Legion 1917-2007 (0224)
  • Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces Association: CD copy of issues 1-58 of Journal of the Sultan's Armed Forces Association 1968-2007 (0333)
  • Further oral history interviews with former Palestine Police Officers incl Roy Leadbeter, John Tyrrell, Avraham Almog, Moshe Balhorn, Mordechai Bitman, Nahum Buchman, Al Ghadir, Menachem Gishri, Michael Moshenberg, David Shmueli, Dov Yaroni (the majority of these in Hebrew), with 16 related interviews conducted in Arabic 1939-48 (0412, 0413, 0417-0426)