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Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2007 Accessions

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  • Acton family, baronets, of Aldenham (Shropshire): further family corresp and papers mainly 20th cent (MS Add. 9761)
  • Barlow family of Thornby: further Barlow family and trust papers rel to rubber estates and plantations c1990-2000 (MS Barlow of Thornby (additional))
  • Michael Block, playwright: personal and theatrical notebooks 1983-2007 (MS Add. 9775)
  • William Wordsworth, composer: MS of his 'String Trio in G Minor' and of his 'Quartet in D for Oboe and Strings' c1946-49 (MSS Add. 9758-59)
  • Meyer Fortes, anthropologist: letters from Naum Donen (MS Add. 9755)
  • Francis Fry, bibliographer: notebooks rel to editions of Cranmer's Bible c1860 (MS Add. 9751)
  • Theodore Wilson Harris (b 1921), author: working papers for his novel 'The Ghost of Memory' (MS Add. 9764)
  • James Hook, composer: MS of 'A book of aires belonging to the wake' c1754 (MS Add. 9747)
  • Thomas Charles Lethbridge, archaeologist: further corresp and papers c1920-70 (MS Add. 9776)
  • Sir George Alexander Macfarren, composer: MS of his 'Concerto for Violin in G Minor' c1871-74 (MS Add. 9746)
  • George Edward Moore, philosopher: further corresp and papers c1912-63 (MS Add. 9771)
  • Sir Isaac Newton, natural philosopher: MSS (3) rel to astronomy, optics and astrology (from the Macclesfield collection) (MS Add. 9776)
  • William Govett Romaine, lawyer and civil servant: letters received mid 19th cent (MS Add. 9768)
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: MS book of poems called 'Wonted Themes', with letter to HM Tomlinson 1953 c1953 (MS Add. 9773)
  • Nicholas Saunderson, mathematician: further lecture notes (3 vols) c1723-37 (MSS Add. 9752, 9772)
  • Oliver Louis Zangwill, professor of experimental psychology: letters from Olive Fraser and AP Llewellyn-Davies c1934-40 (MS Add. 9762)
  • Cambridge Journal of Economics: further papers rel to published articles 2002-2004 (MS Add. 9238 (additional))
  • Jardine, Matheson & Co Ltd, merchants in China and the Far East: papers rel to the establishment of the China Association 1889-1890 (MS JM (additional))
  • Cambridge University Botanic Gardens: notes of plants in flower by Michael O'Donoghue 1957-1958 (MS Add. 9763)
  • Cambridge University Conservative Association: further records (MS Add. 8297)
  • Cambridge University Liberal Club: further records (MS Add. 7785 (additional))
  • Howard Hart: card index of rood screens in England and Wales (MS Add. 9753)
  • English legal commonplace book (in law French) c1620 (MS Add. 9754)
  • Jose Arnolfini: discourse on the state of the Spanish monarchy 1662, with letter on the prospects of France declaring war on Spain 1665 1662-65 (MSS Add. 9766-67)
  • Family papers of the Macdonald sisters, who married Sir Edward Poynter, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Alfred Baldwin (father of Stanley Baldwin) and John Lockwood Kipling (father of Rudyard Kipling) c1837-1925 (MS Add. 9774)