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Major accessions to repositories in 2007 relating to Irish History


London Metropolitan Archives: City of London

  • The Honourable The Irish Society, London: records incl minutes, annual reports and deeds incl Londonderry, Coleraine, Culmore and Springtown, Ireland 1700-2003 (CLA/049)

Warwickshire County Record Office

  • Willes family of Newbold Comyn: Warwicks (Whitnash, etc) and Northants deeds and papers 12th-20th cent, Warwicks (Leamington and Whitnash) manorial records 17th cent and Warwicks and Northants estate and household accounts from 17th cent, with papers of Edward Willes (1694-1768), Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer, mid 18th cent 12th cent-20th cent (CR 4141)


National Library of Ireland

  • D'Arcy family of Hyde Park: corresp, deeds, estate papers and account books 1669-1946 (Acc 6502)
  • Donovan family of Ballymore: deeds, receipts, account books, notebooks and rental books 1694-1854 (Acc 6648)
  • Fock family, Barons de Robeck: rent roll of the estate situated in the counties of Kildare, Wicklow and Dublin 1769-1840 (Acc 6685)
  • Kirwan family of Dalgan and Castlehacket: family and estate papers 19th cent-20th cent (Acc 5124,5489,5570 and Acc 6638)
  • Blake Knox family of Moyne Abbey and Dalkey: estate records for the West of Ireland, Dublin and London (Acc 6376)
  • O'Brien family, Earls of Inchiquin: Inchiquin estate cash book, cash book from the Dromoland estate 1913-1936 (Acc 6646)
  • Robert Brennan, Irish republican and diplomatist: papers incl typescript copies of novels, short stories, plays and memoirs 20th cent (Acc 6375)
  • George Brodrick, 3rd Viscount Midleton: register of corresp 1759-62 (MS 34,949)
  • Seamus de Burca, Irish dramatist, born James Bourke: additional papers (Acc 6506)
  • William Burn, architect: plans for Castlewellan Castle 1854-56 (Acc 6624)
  • Major Sir Edward Fitzgerald Campbell: corresp, incl that his wife Georgiana Metcalfe, with his mother Pamela and other family members 19th cent (Acc 6469)
  • Dorothy Molloy Carpenter, artist and poet: further literary papers 1970-2004 (Acc 6642)
  • Philip Casey, poet and author: papers, mainly literary MSS c1970-2000 (Acc 6680)
  • Thomas James Clarke, Fenian organiser: corresp and papers incl corresp with his wife, Kathleen 1840-1925 (Acc 6410)
  • Austin Clarke, poet: collected papers rel to his early writings 1917-30 (Acc 6377)
  • Maurice Stewart Collis, writer: original holograph MS of his three autobiographies, with other literary papers and corresp with Faber & Faber 1951-1969 (Acc 6611)
  • Cyril James Cusack, actor: letters, mainly personal, to Mrs Lesley Gilmour-Wood 1962-92 (Acc 6433)
  • General Sir Martin Andrew Dillon: corresp 1880-96 (MS 41.682)
  • Anthony Dopping, Bishop of Ossory: book of sermons 1700-29 (MS 34,967)
  • Paul Durcan, poet and author: corresp, notebooks and literary papers (Acc 6618)
  • William Robert Fitzgerald, 2nd Duke of Leinster: collection of letters sent to him and 3rd Duke of Leinster 1768-1883 (MS 41,791/1-2,MS 41,792,MS41,793 and MS 41,794/1-9)
  • William Gogan, Irish republican: Mountjoy prison diary and family corresp 1919-24 (MS 41,633-41,639)
  • Sir John Hill, Captain RN: journal rel to famines relief in Ireland, especially Mayo (MS 41,705)
  • James Augustine Joyce, poet, novelist and playwright: additional papers, drafts of Finnegan's Wake 1923 (Acc 6626)
  • Mary Nesta (Molly) Keane, novelist and playwright: letters to James Roose-Evans 1988-94 (Acc 6461)
  • Benedict Kiely, author and broadcaster: additional papers 1964-99 (Acc 6477)
  • Robert Ponsonby Tottenham Loftus, Bishop of Clogher: estate papers, domestic accounts and deeds rel to the Loftus estate at Woodstock, Co Wicklow and The Palace, Clogher (Acc 6384)
  • Bernard MacLaverty, author: personal and literary corresp and papers 1930-2005 (Acc 6474)
  • Micheal MacLiammoir, actor, designer and playwright: corresp and papers incl those of Hilton Edwards c1920-1979 (Acc 6663)
  • Thomas McKiernan, author of Experiences of a British Veteran Soldier: autobiography of his career with the 50th Queen's Own Regiment, serving in Malta, Turkey, Ceylon, New Zealand and Australia 19th cent (MS 34,950)
  • Liam Mellowes, Irish MP: small collection of corresp 1921-22 (Acc 6668)
  • Niall Montgomery, architect and literary critic: papers collected by him and James Montgomery incl corresp from WB Yeats, Samuel Beckett, Jack B Yeats, Dylan Thomas and others 1936-87 (Acc 6475)
  • Ria Mooney, actress, director and writer: corresp and papers c1930-69 (Acc 6548)
  • Christopher Murray, writer on Irish theatre: papers, mainly rel to Irish theatre history 1940-2004 (Acc 6473)
  • Eilis Ni Bhradaigh, lexicographer: papers incl notes and index cards rel to a dictionary of popular speech (Acc 5877 and Acc 6659)
  • Eileen Kathleen O'Casey, singer and actress: corresp and papers 20th cent (Acc 6470)
  • Daniel O'Connell, politician: volume of 11 letters to various correspondents 1830-45 (MS 34,985)
  • Agnes O'Farrelly, writer and promoter of Irish language: papers rel to her involvement with the Celtic League and the Camogie Association (Acc 6643)
  • Charles Stewart Parnell, politician and landowner: corresp with Cecil Rhodes rel to home rule in Ireland 1888-93 (MS 41,788)
  • Colm Toibin, writer: literary archive incl corresp, etc 20th cent (Acc 6393)
  • Udolphus Wright, stage manager of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin: collected papers incl letters from WB Yeats and Lady Gregory 1912-1975 (Acc 6435)
  • Andrew Reginald Nicholas Gerald Bonaparte-Wyse, civil servant: diaries written while he was permanent secretary of the Department of Education in Northern Ireland (Acc 6383)
  • Bank of Ireland: account ledger from Donegal and Londonderry branches 1825-1829 (Acc 6685)
  • Project Theatre, Dublin: records c1970-1999 (ACC 6617)
  • R Strahan & Co, cabinetmakers, upholsters, removers, auctioneers and undertakers, Dublin: letters and ephemera with notes on the family and on the business (Acc 6387)
  • Catholic Association: minutes for January and February 1807 incl list of names of the Committee of Catholic Peers and Baronets 1807 (Acc 6660)
  • Catholic Commercial Club, Dublin: records incl minutes and letter book 1882-1901 (Acc 6639)
  • Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement: further papers incl material rel to its successor, the Ireland South Africa Association 20th cent (Acc 6394)
  • Eye witness account of the wounding of King William III at the Battle of the Boyne and the reaction of Count Solms 1690 (MS 34,948)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • James Camlin Beckett, historian: letters to Michael Roberts 1973-93 (D4126)
  • George Best, footballer: books of condolence signed in various parts of Ireland including Belfast, Lisburn, Cork and Dublin 2005-06 (D4411)
  • John Warden Brooke, 2nd Viscount Brookeborough, Ulster Unionist politician: personal and political papers 1966-81 (D3004)
  • Amy Beatrice Carmichael, missionary: additional papers 1900-81 (D4061)
  • Walter Walsh, corporal, 77th Regiment of Foot: corresp with his wife and family incl during Crimean War 1847-56 (D4412)
  • James Wilbond, District Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary: officer's journals 1892-1920 (D4399)
  • Anthony Cowdy & Sons Ltd, linen manufacturers and bleachers, Banbridge: private ledgers 1924-1958 (D4397)
  • Harland & Wolff Properties Ltd: board minutes and records rel to the development of the former Harland & Wolff shipyard at Queens Island, Belfast, now known as Titanic Quarter 1975-2000 (D4413)
  • Harland & Wolff Ltd, shipbuilders, Belfast: register of apprenticeships 1887-1894 (D4422)
  • CH Herbert, dental surgeon, Enniskillen: day books and ledgers 1919-1951 (D4396)
  • DJ MacRandal, architect, Belfast: architectural drawings mainly rel to schools and other public buildings c1950-1979 (D4402)
  • Milltown Bleachworks, Lenaderg: ledgers 1858-1861 (D4419)
  • William Smyth & Co, linen manufacturers, Banbridge: directors' minutes 1907-1936 (D4397)
  • Bangor Union Masonic Lodge, No. 746: minutes, nominal rolls, attendance books, accounts, corresp, etc 1807-1986 (D4403)
  • Belfast Municipal Labour Party: minute book 1958-1971 (D4406)
  • Democratic Dialogue, think tank, Belfast: minutes, corresp, etc of Democratic Dialogue and New Agenda 1995-2004 (D4404)
  • Irish Association for Cultural, Economic and Social Relations: additional records 1978-2000 (D2661)
  • Orange Order: Whiterock Temperance LOL 974, Belfast: minute books 1926-1992 (D4367/3)
  • Orange Order: Bangor District LOL 18: minute and roll books 1906-1996 (D4367/4)
  • Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland: additional records incl those of individual congregations at Ballenon, Ballylane, Cregagh Road, Ballyclabber, Kellswater and Linenhall Street 1753-2007 (CR5)
  • Ulster Agricultural and Dairy School and Henry Trust, Downpatrick: annual reports, newspaper cuttings, ledgers, rental and financial records c1880-1965 (D4420)


Representative Church Body Library

  • Claude Lionel Chavasse, Anglican clergyman: corresp, presscuttings and printed material rel to the Rev WA Fisher and the souperism controversy 1882-1985 (RCBL MS 806)
  • Francis Alvin Evelyn, chaplain of St Columba's College, Dublin: copy of his Songs on the Way (1952) with MS annotations and additional MS verses (RCBL MS 809)
  • Samuel Foley, Church of Ireland bishop of Down and Connor: diary 1694-1695 (RCBL MS 792)
  • Charles Hickman, Church of Ireland bishop of Derry: book of sermons preached by him 1689-1702 (RCBL MS 796)
  • William Shaw Kerr, bishop of Down and Dromore: diaries, corresp and papers 1945-55 (RCBL MS 813)
  • Bessie Lanyon, Belfast: her collection of autographs and autograph letters of Irish. British and colonial churchmen 1827-1918 (RCBL MS 817)
  • Sir Nathaniel Lloyd, master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge: annotated copy of Constitutions and canons ecclesiastical (1678) (RCBL MS 794)
  • Walter Bishop Mant, Church of Ireland archdeacon of Down: commonplace book (RCBL MS 795)
  • Carlow Protestant Orphan Society: additional minutes and annual reports 1913-2007 (RCBL MS 340 Adl)
  • Galway Protestant Orphan Society: minute book 1881-1964 (RCBL 797)
  • Girls Friendly Society in Ireland: minutes, accounts and reports of the society in the diocese of Meath 1895-2005 (RCBL MS 810)
  • Leitrim Protestant Orphan Society: minutes and annual reports 1875-1982 (RCBL MS 807)


King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Lt-Colonel David Norman Furness-Gibbon: papers rel to service as Chief Ammunition Technical Officer, Northern Ireland and photographs rel to bomb disposal 1987-2006