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National Maritime Museum: The Caird Library, Manuscripts Section: 2006 Accessions

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  • EH Beck, merchant seaman: journal of a voyage of the Broxbournbury to Calcutta 1828 (X2003.044)
  • Lt Harold Charrington: signal log of HMS Minotaur 1870 (X2002.015)
  • John Eastman, midshipman: log kept on board HMS Temeraire, incl the battle of Trafalgar 1805 (LOG/N/T/16)
  • Frank Fauwell: log book kept on board HMS Forte and HMS Duke of Wellington 1869-1872 (LOG/N/D/13)
  • James Furnell, master mariner: log book for the east indiamen Seringapatam and Windsor, sailing notes and journal 1843-1847 (REG03/006848)
  • GA Luffman: journal of a voyage as a passenger on board the Royal Charter 1856 (X2003.042)
  • Admiral Arthur Lysaght: letters 19th Cent (X2003.015)
  • William Mason: journal as a survivor of HMS Magaera 1871 (REG05/000294)
  • Admiral William Henry Maxwell (1840-1920): memoirs c1900-1920 (X2003.034)
  • Susannah Maria Middleton: letters written to her sister Mary Martin Leake from the naval yard at Gibraltar 1805-1808
  • Captain William Nobel, President of the Royal Astronomical Society: letters to Ernest Wiltshire 1876-1884 (REG04/000012)
  • George James Perceval, 6th Earl of Egmont: letters written to his parents whilst a midshipman 1805-14 (PER/)
  • Lt William Innes Pocock: papers and memoirs 1811-1836 (REG06/000085)
  • Admiral Sir William Sidney Smith: papers and commonplace book 19th Cent (REG06/000085)
  • FS Thompson, acting master's mate: journal kept on board HMS London and HMS Gladiator, Sevastapol 1854-1855 (REG06/000071)
  • John Tillery, midshipman: journal written whilst prisoner of war at Acre 1799-1800 (X2003.030)
  • Admiral Thomas Totty: letters and orders 18th Cent (X2002.064)
  • N Veresmith, midshipman: log book kept on board HMS Defence and HMS Vanguard 1910-12 (X2002.021)
  • William IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland: order and letterbooks relating to command of HMS Andromeda and HMS Valiant 1788-90 (REG05/000136)
  • John Whittle, master of a merchant vessel: log books and letterbooks incl log of the Bellisima 1862 (X2002.035)
  • SS Collingwood: journal of voyage 1844 (REG04/000235)
  • East Africa Shipping Conference, Lobito Shipping Conference, Mauritius Shipping Conference and Sudan Shipping Conference: minute books and tariff books 1913-1983 (REG06/000001)
  • HMS Iphigenia: log book kept on the China Station station prior to the Boxer rebellion 1897-1900 (REG03/003662)
  • Leonides, merchantman: journal of voyages from North Wales to Tasmania 1825-1834 (REG03/006892)