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Royal Naval Museum: 2006 Accessions

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  • James Cooke, ships engineer: engineering drawings (1 vol) as assistant engineer of HMS Fire Queen, HMS Perseus and HMS Rattler 1863-67 (2006.9)
  • Hugh Christopher Arnold-Forster, naval commander: papers rel to naval service incl corresp referring to Ramsgate Zeppelin attack 1903-1919 (2006.68)
  • Patrick McGuire, naval gunner: illustrated MS notes on a gunnery course, HMS Excellent 1894 (2006.49)
  • John Mills, naval gunner: TS memoirs of service, principally on HMS Volage, incl Arctic convoys and the Pacific Fleet 1943-46 (2006.105)
  • Josceline Heber Percy, Captain RN: MS notebook when at the Naval Control Office, with illustrated account of coastal convoy in HMS Quantock 1941 (2006.39)
  • Rear Admiral William David Stewart Scott: TS memoirs of life and naval service, incl description of Operation Mincemeat (1943), the mining of HMS Volage (1946), the Yangtse Incident (1948) and work on the Polaris Programme 1938-80 (2006.25)
  • Kenneth Raydon Swan, naval commander: memoirs of naval service in HMS Cyclops, repair ship to the Grand Fleet (3 vols, with illustrations) 1914-18 (2006.68)
  • Edward A Symes, naval Paymaster Captain: MS ledger covering receipts and payments throughout his career and HMS Odin, HMS Fitzroy, HMS Cairo, HMS Coventry, HMS Resolution, HMS Norfolk, HMS St Vincent and HMS Hecla 1917-42 (2006.80)
  • Mr Tipping, midshipman: illustrated journal of service on HMS Victory and HMS Euryalus 1861-64 (2006.40)
  • Magnus Spence Work, Captain RN: TS memoir of life and career, principally rel to naval service 1940-45 (2006.26)
  • HMS Prometheus: punishment book listing 'blacklisted' men and some details of corporal punishments 1844-47 (2006.17)
  • Royal Naval Academy, Portsmouth: MS floor plans showing proposed original layout of upper floors c1730 (2006.33)
  • Standing Orders for the Fleet issued from HMS Victory (1 vol), possibly a personal copy belonging to one of the captains in the fleet 1808-11 (2006.97)