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Major accessions to repositories in 2006 relating to Literary History


Bromley Local Studies & Archives

  • HG Wells Society: records 20th cent (1727)

Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

  • William Cowper, poet: album of autograph letters (176) to Joseph Hill 1755-93 (AR 112/2006)

Croydon Archives Service

  • Croydon Writers Circle: further records 1988-2005 (A883)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Leslie Creighton Porteous, journalist and writer as Crichton Porteous: personal and literary papers 20th cent (D6550)
  • Writers Summer School, Swanwick: additional records 1994-2000 (D5886 add)

Dorset History Centre

  • John Robert Fowles, novelist: local history and antiquarian papers rel to Lyme Regis 20th cent

Gloucestershire Archives

  • Ivor Bertie Gurney, poet and composer: additional family papers and photographs 1875-2005 (D10500)
  • John Wilton Haines, poet, botanist and solicitor: corresp incl letters from Edmund Blunden, John Masefield, R C Trevelyan, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Marie Stopes, Clifford Dyment, John Haywood, W H Hoult, WH Hudson, Bernard Leach, Edward Garnett, Robert Newdick, 1909-1959 (D10828)
  • John Cecil Moore, author: additional papers incl commonplace books, corresp and papers 1930-2003 (D8451)

Lincolnshire Archives

  • Rasen Literary Discussion Society: minute book 1844 (MISC DON 1352)

Manchester Archives and Local Studies

  • Fletcher Moss, author and antiquary: additional corresp and papers c1880-2006 (M 142)

Norfolk Record Office

  • George William Target, author: literary corresp and papers c1950-2005 (ACC 2006/94, 114)

Pembrokeshire Record Office

  • WH Roscoe Howells, author, journalist and farmer: working papers, corresp and photographs (D/RH)

Perth and Kinross Council Archive

  • Helen Beatrix Potter, author and illustrator: photograph album of Beatrix Potter with family and friends c1876-93 (ACC06/20)

Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive

  • Angela Harrison, author: diaries, corresp and misc papers 1994-2005 (DR 1175)
  • Malone Society, London: records 1909-2000 (DR 1180)

Shropshire Archives

  • Wilfred Owen Association: papers, corresp and cuttings rel to the centenary events and the unveiling of the memorial 'Symmetry' by Paul de Monchaux in the churchyard of Shrewsbury Abbey (1993) 1988-1993 (7538)

Warwickshire County Record Office

  • Zainul Abedin Patel, writer: papers 1958-2003 (CR4025)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Angela Olive Carter, author and journalist: papers 20th cent (Dep 10370)
  • William Cobbett MP, author, journalist and publisher: letters to William Palmer 1822-1826 (Add 82727)
  • Sir Michael de Courcy Fraser Holroyd, biographer: papers rel to biography of Lytton Strachey 20th cent (Add 81973-82037)
  • Anthony Dymoke Powell, novelist: literary MSS 1937-1989 (Add 82696-82726)
  • Oscar O'Flahertie Wills Wilde, author: papers incl literary MSS, lecture notes and corresp 19th - 20th cent (Add 81619-81874)

British Library, Sound Archive

  • Amarjit Chandan, poet: unpublished sound recordings (C1195)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Robert Michael Ballantyne, author: sketchbook c1870 (Acc.12640)
  • George Henry Borrow, writer and traveller: collected material of or rel to him 1835-63 (Acc.12702)
  • Laurie Flynn, journalist and writer: papers (Acc.12650)
  • Alasdair James Gray, author and artist: papers rel to "The Ends of Ar Tethers" 1995-2003 (Acc.12609)
  • Hamish Henderson, poet: additional papers, mainly rel to the publication of "Collected Poems and Songs" 1988-2002 (Acc.12643)
  • Diana Hendry, poet and author: papers 1979-2005 (Acc.12635)
  • Sue Innes, writer and feminist campaigner: papers c1990-2005 (Acc.12633)
  • (John) Robin Jenkins, novelist: literary papers c1950-2005 (Acc.12645)
  • Naomi Margaret Mitchison, writer and social activist: additional personal and literary papers 1914-96 (Acc.12578)
  • Naomi Margaret Mitchison, writer and social activist: additional corresp and literary papers, collected by Isobel Murray 1984-94 (Acc.12709)
  • Don Paterson, poet, writer and musician: literary papers (Acc.12689)
  • Eric Quayle, book collector: research papers, notes and corresp (Acc.12642)
  • Peter Mark Roget, physician and philologist: Highland travel journal 1795 (Acc.12610)
  • Raymond J Ross, editor of Cencrastus: letters received and audio cassettes of interviews 1979-2000 (Acc.12649)
  • Iain Crichton Smith, poet: papers 20th cent (Acc.12600)
  • Andrew Tannahill, playwright, poet and translator: corresp 1945-86 (Acc.12652)
  • Andrew Tannahill, playwright, poet and translator: literary papers 20th cent (Acc.12664)
  • Nigel Godwin Tranter, novelist: additional working papers rel to "The Fortified House in Scotland" 1962-95 (Acc.12666)
  • Christopher Whyte, poet and novelist: additional literary and personal papers c1990-2006 (Acc.12673)
  • Cencrastus, journal: additional papers 1979-2004 (Acc.12644)
  • Morning Star Press: additional records c2004-2006 (Acc.12671)
  • John Murray, publishers, London: records 18th cent-1920 (Acc.12604)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • Meg Elis, writer: diaries 1968-2004 (Papurau Meg Elis)
  • D Tecwyn Lloyd, writer and literary critic: papers 20th Cent (Papurau D Tecwyn Lloyd)
  • John Cowper Powys, novelist and writer: papers (John Cowper Powys Papers)
  • Morgan Goronwy Rees, writer and university principal: additional papers (Goronwy Rees Papers)
  • Mary Taubman, writer: research papers on the artist Gwen John (Mary Taubman Papers)
  • Urien Wiliam, writer and dramatist: papers (Papurau Dr Urien Wiliam)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Peter Jupp, historian: working papers rel to his publications c1970-2005 (D/4393)


Labour History Archive and Study Centre (People's History Museum/University of Central Lancashire)

  • Alison Macleod, writer and TV critic: additional papers incl material rel to book 'The Death of Uncle Joe' 1939-2000 (MAC)


Aberdeen University, Special Libraries and Archives

  • Helena Mary Mennie Shire, literary scholar: additional papers 20th cent
  • Roger Taylor, writer: research papers on George Washington Wilson, photographer c1970-81

Bradford University: JB Priestley Library

  • John Boynton Priestley, novelist, playwright, essayist and broadcaster: additional papers (PRI)

Bristol University: Theatre Collection

  • Ethel Mary Smyth, composer and suffragist: TS of play 'The Black Prince'; a short story 'The Windy Gap'; a poem 'The Leaf'; ms of unidentified play; TSS of short stories 'The Blue Rose' and 'The Story of Vox Angelica and Lieblich Gedacht' c 1910 (Acc 2006/079)
  • Olivia Truman, author: further corresp, incl letters from Sir H Beebohm Tree 1888-1970 (Acc 2006/008)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Henry Matthew Brock and Charles Edmund Brock, book illustrators: artistic archives c1880-1960 (MS Add. 9721)
  • Sir Geoffrey Langdon Keynes, surgeon and author: additional letters from Nigel Boonham 1980-1982 (MS Add. 8633)
  • John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), author: letters to John and Lucy Horstmann (MS Add. 9736)
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: further poetical MSS, corresp and papers 1897-1964 (MS Add. 9724)
  • Anne Stevenson, poet: further personal and family corresp and literary papers 1905-2005 (MS Add. 9451)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • David Richard Thorpe, biographer: additional corresp and papers rel to his biography of Anthony Eden c1989-97 (THRP)

Cambridge University: Trinity College Library

  • Christopher Cornford (1917-1993), artist: papers, incl some rel to the publication of Frances Cornford's poetry
  • Ronald Brunlees McKerrow, bibliographer and literary scholar: additional personal and family papers 19th-20th cent (RBMK)

Dundee University Archive, Records Management and Museum Services

  • Arthur Dawson Foote, poet: corresp and papers 1918-2002 (MS 146)

Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Palace Green Section

  • Basil Cheesman Bunting, poet: additional letters to his daughter Roudaba 20th cent (BUN)

Exeter University Library (Special Collections)

  • John Fairfax, writer: papers re establishment Arvon Foundation 20th cent (MS 272)
  • Margaret Forster, author and biographer: research papers for biography of Daphne Du Maurier c 1993 (MS 307)
  • Sheila Hodges, publishing editor and music critic: research papers 1960-1999 (MS 301)
  • John Moat, writer and artist: additional literary papers 2006 (MS 230)
  • Lawrence Sail, poet, critic and translator: additional literary papers 1974-2006 (MS 212)

Hull University Archives

  • John Godber, playwright: notebooks, scripts, videos and misc papers c1980-2005
  • Florence Margaret Smith, poet and novelist as Stevie Smith: letters (5) to Polly Hill, and drawings published as illustrations for the poems in 'The Frog Prince' 1946-1969 (DP/209)

London Metropolitan University: The Women's Library

  • Berta Freistadt, (fl 1942-2005) poet and drama teacher: papers rel conferences and Women's Studies Network Association c1980-2000 (7BFR)
  • Elaine Showalter, feminist writer: papers, corresp c1970-2000 (7ESH)

London University: Senate House Library

  • Thomas James Bean, author, farmer and county councillor: records incl draft conference papers rel to Richard Ford (1796-1858) art connoisseur and author c1991-1996 (MS1133)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • James Thompson Boulton, literary scholar: corresp and administrative papers incl role as editor of Cambridge University Press publications of letters and works of DH Lawrence, writer (1885-1930) c1970-2000 (La)
  • Lettice Ada Clarke, sister of DH Lawrence: family corresp and associated papers 1875-1932 (La AC)
  • Derek Winterbottom, historian and biographer: corresp, reviews, biography and obituaries collected during research for the publication, 'Bertrand Hallward: first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham 1948-1965' c1930-2003 (MS 802)
  • John Worthen, literary scholar: research papers rel to DH Lawrence, writer (1885-1930) 20th cent (La R8/)

Sheffield University Library

  • Jack Morris Rosenthal, writer, dramatist: additional records 1942-2006 (MS 289)
  • Richard Hoggart, academic and writer: corresp, MSS and personal and working papers 1930-2006 (MS 247)
  • Eric David Mackerness, lecturer in English Literature: papers, notebooks and memorabilia 1912-1998 (MS 351)

University of Wales Bangor, Archives Department

  • Bedwyr Lewis Jones, Welsh scholar, literary critic and linguist: papers (B-2006-3)