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Major accessions to repositories in 2006 relating to Imperial History


Glasgow City Archives

  • Sir Thomas Makdougall-Brisbane, colonial governor: corresp and accounts (transferred from Mitchell Library) 1795-1858 (TD1625)

Gloucestershire Archives

  • Wade family of Snowshill: papers and poetry of Charles and Mary Graham Wade, historical notes and sketchbooks, papers rel to Snowshill manor, business papers of St Kitts Estate and plantation, papers rel to F P Hart 1880-1981 (D10423)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guilford: letters and papers rel to Greece 18th-19th cent (Dep 10334)

National Archives of Scotland

  • Sir James Maciver Macleod, consular official: letters, biographical notes, scrapbooks and photographs rel to his time as consul for eastern Morocco and consul general in Chile (GD523)

National Army Museum, Department of Archives Photographs Film and Sound

  • Lt-General Sir Henry Hugh Clifford: corresp while serving in Cape Colony 1848-54
  • General Sir Stanley De Burgh Edwardes: additional corresp and papers, incl reports, memoranda, plans on military campaigns in Abyssinia and Afghanistan 1868-1914
  • Major General Sir John Francis Burn-Murdoch: diaries kept in South Africa 1899-1904

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Cathcart family, Earls Cathcart: papers, incl the papers of General Sir George Cathcart 1387-1905 (Acc.12686)
  • Trevor Clark, colonial civil servant: papers c1940-70 (Acc.12598)
  • Sir James Haldane Stewart Lockhart, colonial official and art collector: additional papers 1880-1997 (Acc.12695)
  • Isabella Plumb, Church of Scotland missionary to Poona and Sialkot: corresp, journals, photographs and papers 1887-1956 (Acc.12680)

National Maritime Museum: The Caird Library, Manuscripts Section

  • James Furnell, master mariner: log book for the east indiamen Seringapatam and Windsor, sailing notes and journal 1843-1847 (REG03/006848)
  • Susannah Maria Middleton: letters written to her sister Mary Martin Leake from the naval yard at Gibraltar 1805-1808
  • HMS Iphigenia: log book kept on the China Station station prior to the Boxer rebellion 1897-1900 (REG03/003662)


Cambridge University Library: Royal Commonwealth Society Library

  • George Soper Cansdale, zoologist: photographic negatives and prints rel to the Gold Coast 1938-1948 (Y30448V)
  • Edred John Henry Corner, botanist: photographs, negatives and watercolours rel to the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, Soloman Islands and New Guinea 1929-1965 (Y3031M)
  • Fergus Brunswick Wilson, agricultural officer, East African Colonial Service: memoir and photographs c1933-1999 (RCMS 162)

Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Palace Green Section

  • Abbas Hilmi II, Khedive of Egypt: photograph albums (14) from the reign of Abbas Hilmi II 20th cent (HIL)
  • Colour Sergeant FR Boardman: photograph album of the Bahr al-Ghazal 1900-1904 (G//S 1299)
  • Charles Wodehouse Williams, Director of Education, Sudan: papers 20th cent (G//S 1297)
  • Diary of an officer engaged in the building of the Halfa-Khartoum railway 1899 (G//S)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Major General Sir John Hugh Bevil Acland: papers rel to his service as Commander, Commonwealth Monitoring Force, Southern Rhodesia, and Military Advisor to the Governor 1979-1980
  • Colonel Stevenson Lyle Cummins: memoir of his life and service incl Sudan, and memoir of his service on the Western Front, diary kept as Deputy Assistant Director General, Medical Services, British Expeditionary Force, France, 1915 1873-1917
  • Sir Alexander Keown-Boyd, secretary: letters from Viscount Allenby 1919-1922

London University: Senate House Library

  • Legal papers incl inventory of Mount Edge plantation, Barbados 1741-1773 (MS1134)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House

  • Captain William Bate, commandant of Ascension Island: logbook recording ships calling, military matters and his extensive programme of public works 1834-35 (MSS. Atlan. R. 1)
  • TC Gardner, minister of Finance, Northern Rhodesia: transcript of interview for the Oxford Colonial Records project, rel to service in Northern Rhodesia (1946-64) 1969 (MSS. Afr. s. 2411)
  • Henry A Oliver, civil servant, The Gambia: tapes and transcript of interview rel to his service in the Gambia (c1949-64) 1984 (MSS. Afr. s. 2407)
  • Sir Philip James Rogers, industrialist: transcript of interview by Dame Margery Perham rel to his business and public service activities in Africa (1943-67) 1971 (MSS. Afr. s. 2406)
  • DJ Ward, Northern Rhodesia police force: papers rel to police service 1957-64 (MSS. Afr. s. 2414)
  • Major General Sir Francis Walter De Winton, colonial administrator: notebook entitled 'Diary of the Movements of the British Mission to Swaziland', presumably by de Winton 1889-1890 (MSS. Afr. s. 2420)

Oxford University: Regent's Park College, Angus Library

  • Wilkins family, missionaries in India: corresp with children in Britain c1906-52 (BMS Acc. 216)
  • Gordon Smedley Wilkins, missionary in India: journal 1894-1929 (BMS Acc. 216a)

Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive

  • Lt Colonel Edward Ashley: papers and photographs rel to service in the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces 1970-90 (0399)
  • Bertie Billy Braddick, policeman: oral history interview rel to his service in the Palestine Police (1947-48) 2006 (0394)
  • Alexander Brebber, Military Court President, Palestine Mandate: papers rel to court work 1936-72 (0387)
  • Victor Henry Douglas Cannings, policeman: papers, photographs and recorded interview rel to his service with the Palestine Police (1936-46) 1936-2006 (0386)
  • John Grenville Card, policeman: oral history interview rel to service in Palestine Police (1945-48) 2006 (0391)
  • Farid Chehab, Emir, intelligence officer and Lebanese ambassador: intelligence reports and analysis incl of internal Lebanese politics, communist parties in the Middle East and political developments in the region 1945-83 (0384)
  • Martin Duchesne, policeman: oral history material rel to service with Palestine Police (1946-48) with photocopy of police notebook and photographs c1946-2006 (0390)
  • William Joseph Gibbons, policeman: oral history interview rel to service with Palestine Police (1946-48) 2006 (0388)
  • James William Arthur Hainge, policeman: oral history interview rel to service in the Palestine Police (1945-48) 2006 (0402)
  • Robert Ernest Hamilton, policeman: oral history interview rel to service in Palestine Police (1945-47), with map showing police boundaries 1947-2006 (0392)
  • Frank William Jones, policeman: oral history interview rel to service in Palestine Police (1946-48), with related photographs c1946-2006 (0389)
  • Captain Alec R Lamond: papers and photographs rel to service in the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces c1970-79 (0400)
  • Desmond Morton, policeman: papers and photographs rel to work for Palestine Police Authority 1941-2004 (0405)
  • Geoffrey EH Owen, policeman: oral history interview rel to service in the Palestine Police (1937-38) 2006 (0403)
  • Roy Noel Rodrick, policeman: oral history interview rel to serivce in the Palestine Police (1946-48) with copy photographs c1946-2006 (0395)
  • Francis Mark Russell, policeman: oral history interview rel to service with Palestine Police (1946-48) 2006 (0396)
  • Edward Herbert Wells, policeman: oral history interview covering his service in the Palestine Police (1947-48) 2006 (0393)
  • Palestine Police Old Comrades' Association: additional material incl newsletters and MS messages received at Safed Police Station (1946) 1946-2006 (0224)
  • Gerald John Green, policeman: oral history interview rel to service in Palestine Police (1946-48) 2006 (0404)

Southampton University Library

  • Alan Campbell-Johnson, Liberal activist and public relations consultant: papers incl service with Lord Mountbatten in Supreme Allied Command South East Asia and when Viceroy of India 1943-75 (MS 350)