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King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives: 2005 Accessions

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  • Ronald Forbes Adam, 2nd Baronet General: records of British Army strengths and casualty statistics 1939-1946
  • John Archer, Army Captain: corresp, diaries, notes and photographs 1896-1910
  • Arthur Wynne Morgan Bryant, Knight, historian: notes, corresp and chapters rel to unpublished 'Life of Johnson' 1973-1980
  • Frederick Campbell, General: reports, corresp, notes, photographs and maps rel to his career, incl time spent in Tibet and India 1904-17
  • Geoffrey Chandler, businessman and public servant: records incl reports and corresp rel to Special Operations Executive operations in Greece and the Anglo Greek Information Service, Salonika 1938-46
  • J A S Crum, Brigadier: 'History of 8 AA Brigade' 1941-45
  • Derek Dodson, diplomat: message books, notes, reports and maps rel to service with the British Military Mission to Greece (1942-1944), also messages and notes rel to Special Operations Executive in northern Italy (1945) 1942-1945
  • Francis William Edward Fursdon, Major General: records incl orders, instructions and reports rel to army career in Egypt, research material rel to publication 'The European Defence Community: a history', draft articles in particular rel to the Falklands War and photographs of the Iran-Iraq war 1942-2000
  • Tim Jones, Historian: research papers, incl notes on interviews, rel to publications 'Postwar counterinsurgency and the SAS, 1945-52: a special type of warfare', and 'SAS, the first secret wars: the unknown years of combat and counter-insurgency' c 1999-2005
  • David John Ramsbotham, Baron Ramsbotham of Kensington, General: papers, reports, corresp, photographs and detailed account of tour of the Falkland Islands (1982) 1974-95
  • David Graham Williamson, Historian: papers, tape recorded interviews and photographs rel to publication 'A most diplomatic general: the life of General Lord Robertson of Oakridge, 1896-1974' c1994-1996
  • Manfred Zadik, Lieutenant: photograph albums rel to service with the German Army, chiefly on the Eastern Front 1916-1918