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London University: London School of Economics Library, Archives Division: 2005 Accessions

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  • Anne Bohm, Dean and Registrar of the Graduate School, London School of Economics: papers c1920-1999 (BOHM)
  • Ann Carlton, Labour Party Official: corresp and papers rel to the Labour Party 1965-2004 (CARLTON)
  • Edgar Corrie: personal account book 1826-1845 (COLL MISC 0377)
  • Harold Cecil Edey, Professor of Accounting: additional papers c 1938-1994 (EDEY)
  • Raymond William Firth, Knight Anthropologist: additional papers rel to the North London Kinship Project c1960-1969 (FIRTH)
  • Dianne Hayter, General Secretary of the Fabian Society: records rel to the Fabian Society, incl corresp, agendas and minutes 1977-1998 (HAYTER)
  • Lena May Jeger, Baroness Jeger, journalist and politician: records incl corresp 1943-2004 (JEGER)
  • Schneier Levenberg, Zionist: additional papers c1940-1999 (LEVENBERG)
  • Bronislaw Kasper Malinowski, Polish anthropologist: additional papers c 1920-1999 (MALINOWSKI)
  • Michael Joseph Oakeshott, Professor of Political Science: additional papers c 1921-1983 (OAKESHOTT)
  • Stanley Orme, Baron Orme of Salford, politician: corresp and papers rel to political career c1970-2005 (ORME)
  • Peter Tatchell, gay activist politician: additional papers 2004 (HCA/TATCHELL)
  • Richard Scurrah Wainwright, politician: records incl corresp c1939-2003 (WAINWRIGHT)
  • Robert James Martin Wight, historian: additional papers c1939-1972 (WIGHT)
  • Association of Social Anthropologists: additional papers c1974-2002 (ASA)
  • British Sociological Association: additional records 1951-2005 (BSA)
  • International African Institute: additional records 1976-2001 (IAI)
  • Kenric: records incl minutes and corresp c1960-2000 (HCA/KENRIC)
  • Liberal Democrats: additional records 1976-2004 (LIBERAL DEMOCRATS)
  • Mediation UK: additional records, incl papers rel to the Restorative Justice Consortium and the London Restorative Justice Network 1951-2003 (MEDIATION UK)
  • Progressive League: additional records 1932-2005 (PROGRESSIVE LEAGUE)
  • Returned Volunteers Association: records incl corresp, minutes and papers rel to the British Volunteers Programme c1962-1997 (RVA)
  • Royal Economic Society (formerly British Economic Association): additional papers 1959-2005 (RES)
  • United Nations Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: additional corresp and papers c1950-2000 (UNA)
  • Woodcraft Folk: Mount Pleasant Group: papers c1970-1979 (YMA/WF)