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Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design: 2005 Accessions

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  • John Cornforth, art historian and writer: papers (AAD/2005/2)
  • Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles, photo-journalist: papers c1890-2003 (AAD/2004/6)
  • Helen Madeleine McKie, artist and illustrator: papers (AAD/2005/5)
  • Michael Anthony Ross, knitwear designer: papers of Ross and his wife Ritva, rel to the Ritva knitwear business 1967-2005 (AAD/2005/4)
  • John Stephen, fashion designer: additional papers 1961-75 (AAD/2004/2)
  • George Henry Walton, designer and architect: papers 1788-2003 (AAD/2004/7)
  • Arthur Wragg, illustrator: additional papers c1930-91 (AAD/2004/8)
  • S H Benson Ltd, advertising agents, London: papers of Frank Coomber, head of studio c1929-1969 (AAD/2004/4)
  • Godman & Rabey Ltd, diamond mounters, London: records and designs 1928-1980 (AAD/2005/1)
  • Heal & Son Ltd, department store, bedding, quilt and mattress manufacturers, cabinet makers and upholsterers, London: additional records 1974-2004 (AAD/2004/3)
  • Contemporary Applied Arts: additional records c1964-1989 (AAD/2004/1)
  • Millennium Festival: records 1999-2001 (AAD/2004/5)
  • Millennium Commission: records of awards 2000-2002 (AAD/2005/3)
  • Society of Women Artists: additional records 1983-2005 (AAD/2005/8)
  • Pat Albeck, textile designer: papers 1953-2004 (AAD/2004/9)
  • Gerald Cinamon, graphic designer: papers 20th cent (AAD/2005/6)