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National Library of Ireland: 2005 Accessions

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  • Bligh family, Earls of Darnley: map of Mount Wilson, Meath and King's County, Offaly by Ino Heylin 1785 (Acc. 4675)
  • St Leger family, Viscounts Doneraile: account books, ledgers 1847-80 (Acc.6317)
  • Plunket family, Barons Plunket: Oldconnaught: survey of the estates in Monagham and Cork, incl maps and plans with lists of tenants and their holdings 1828 (Acc. 6334)
  • Tom MacIntyre, poet, playwright: corresp, diaries, literary drafts, photographs c2001-04 (Acc. 6315)
  • Thomas Rankin, Lieutenant: letters [2] to commandng officer Thomas Waite rel to Heart of Steel and the King's troops at Clady 1772 (Acc. 6218)
  • Dermot Bolger, novelist, playwright, poet: drafts of poems, novels, plays and radio scripts, corresp 1980-2001 (Acc. 6249)
  • Padraic Colum, Poet and Playwright: letters to Avrahm Yarmolinsky and Babette Deutsch 1923-57 (Ms 41, 557(1-3))
  • John Devoy, Fenian Leader: corresp with relatives of C.J Kickham 1927 (Acc. 6352)
  • Maurice Dodd, Historian: papers rel to Irish history and nationalism c 1875-1925 (Acc. 6247)
  • Oliver St John Gogarty, Irish Senator and Writer: corresp with Charles Feinberg 1940-50 (Acc. 6245)
  • Robert Greacen, Irish poet: papers, corresp 20th cent (Acc. 6258)
  • Daniel O'Connell, Politician: corresp to Mary OConnell 1800-22 (Acc.6248)
  • George Bernard Shaw, Author and Playwright: typescript of 'The King, the Constitution, and the Lady' with ms alterations 1936 (Acc. 6239)
  • Anti-Apartheid Movement: Irish branch: records c1900-1999 (Acc. 6269)
  • Dublin French Society: minutes 1923-60 (Acc. 6346)
  • Irish PEN (Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists): corresp, minute books and reports 1935-94 (Acc. 6328)
  • Katherine Stuart Bridgwater: corresp inc letters of W.B. Yeats, poems and scrapbooks 20th cent (Acc. 6333)
  • William Colville, former Governor of the Bank of Ireland: letter to Right Hon John Foster, former Chancellor of the Exchequer. 1807 (Acc. 6305)
  • 'Dublins fighting story, 1913-1921, told by the men who made it' with annotations by Diarmuid Lynch 1948 (Acc. 6265)
  • George Bernard Shaw: letter to publisher, Stanley Unwin, concerning H.C. Duffin's 'The Quintessence of Bernard Shaw' 1919 (Acc. 6340)
  • John Butler Yeats: letter to H.M. Paget rel to a portrait of MrsTom Conelly of Kildare 1891 (Acc. 6273)
  • William Butler Yeats: letter to Frank O'Connor rel to proofs by his sister for a book of poems 1930-39 (Acc. 6274)
  • Liam Mac Uistin (b 1938), Irish playwright: papers, corresp, ms of plays and stories c 1975-2005 (Acc. 6298)