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British Library, Music Collections: 2005 Accessions

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  • George Frederick Anderson, composer: corresp with composers and musicians 19th cent (2005/27)
  • Susan Bradshaw, pianist: corresp, writings and misc records 1950-2004 (2005/24)
  • Clara Butt, Dame, singer: letters to May Thompson c1900-36 (2005/13)
  • William George Cusins, Knight composer and musician: corresp with composers and musicians c1800-1900 (2005/27)
  • Hugh Davies, composer, instrument maker and musicologist: papers and music MSS 1960-2004 (2005/29)
  • Brian Elias, composer: music MSS 1963-2002 (2005/23)
  • John Nicholson Ireland, Composer: corresp and misc records 1896-1990 (2005/31)
  • John McCabe, composer and pianist: music MSS 1970-1995 (2005/03)
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams, composer: letters to Herbert Sumsion, composer c1940-56 (2005/36)
  • Composers Guild of Great Britain: papers incl financial records, minutes and corresp 1945-98 (2005/11)
  • Institute of Armenian Music: music MSS of various Armenian composers 20th cent (2005/37)
  • Liverpool Opera Company: minutes 1928-45 (2005/30)
  • Lionel Bart, composer, playwright, lyricist: lyrics of 'Maggie May' 1964 (2005/26)