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Oxford University: Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House: 2005 Accessions

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  • Alfred Richard Allen, civil servant, Nigeria: papers rel to his career in the Education Service, Nigeria 1956-73 (MSS Afr. s. 2380)
  • Richard Brayne, colonial administrator: typescript 'Memories of Tanganyika', with maps and scanned photographs 1948-64 (MSS Afr. s. 2382)
  • Joseph Stuart Espey, Senior Superintendent of the Northern Rhodesia Police: papers concerning the Ndola riots 1958 (MSS Afr. s. 2397)
  • James Farquharson, engineer: transcript of speech on railways in East Africa and Sudan 1984 (MSS Afr. s. 2400)
  • Philip Laurence, miner and soldier: letters to family rel to work in South African goldfields and Boer War service, with letters (3) from comrades describing his death, and background materials 1897-1992 (MSS Afr. s. 2395)
  • Arthur Lawley, 6th Baron Wenlock: photocopy diary of journey to the north of Bualwayo 1898 (MSS Afr. s. 2391)
  • Owen J Leech, teacher, Falkland Islands: letters to his parents with related papers 1971-97 (MSS Atlan. s. 18)
  • David Mercer Macdougall, Brigadier Colonial Secretary of Hong Kong: additional letters (5) to his wife from Hong Kong, China and Lagos describing life in wartime Hong Kong and his escape after the invasion 1940-42 (MSS Ind. Ocn. s. 369)
  • Miriam Staunton, wife of colonial administrator: letters, mainly to her mother, with papers, cuttings and photographs rel to Federation of African Women's Clubs, Southern Rhodesia 1945-89 (MSS Afr. s. 2399)
  • William Thomas Stead, Journalist and Author: letters (11) to Marie Koompans-De Wet, rel to Anglo-Boer War 1900-01 (MSS Afr. s. 2389)
  • Alan Young, colonial administrator, Malaya: memoirs of his time in Malayan Civil Service (1953-62) 2002 (MSS Ind. Ocn. s. 367)
  • Britain-Biafra Association: papers and photographs rel to Biafra-Nigeria war 1959-70 (MSS Afr. s. 2399)
  • Papers collected by Jesmond Blumenfeld rel to Liberal Party of South Africa, the National Union of South African Students and the South African Institute of Race Relations. 1961-2000 (MSS Afr. s. 2392)
  • Drawings and photographs of the Bechuanaland Border Police at Macloutsie, taken by Capt. Sherwood D Browne 1892 (MSS Afr. s. 2390)
  • Records for the Morris, Pond and Salt Pond estates, St Kitts, incl plans, sugar and crop records 1781-1812 (MSS W.Ind. s. 73)
  • Collection of articles and ephemera rel to the National Party of South Africa and the 1992 referendum on participatory democracy 1992 (MSS Afr. s. 2383)
  • Transcripts of letters from Sarawak by Elizabeth O'Kelly 1962-65 (MSS Ind. Ocn. s. 370)
  • Letters from George Peake, South African trade unionist and former political prisoner on Robben Island, Clarice Hopgood 1966-75 (MSS Afr. s. 2403)
  • Anonymous MS journal 'Ten years wandering in South Africa: a journey to the diamond and gold fields' 1880 (MSS Afr. s. 2401)