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Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre: 2005 Accessions

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  • Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett Amery (1873-1955), statesman: misc corresp (AMEL)
  • Vice-Admiral Sir Louis Edward Stewart Holland Le Bailly (b1915): further papers (LEBY)
  • Sir George Nevile Maltby Bland (1886-1972), diplomat (addnl): misc corresp and papers (BLND)
  • Jeremy William Bray MP (1930-2002): further papers (BRAY)
  • Kenneth George Budden (1915-2005), physicist: scientific papers (BDDN)
  • Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, statesman: corresp with Samuel Smethurst while MP for Oldham c1900-05 (WCHL)
  • Sir Frederick William Dampier Deakin (1913-2005), historian: corresp and papers, mainly rel to research on the Second World War (DEAK)
  • Sir Roger William Houssemayne Du Boulay (b 1922), diplomat: memoir of diplomatic work with Christopher Soames in Paris 1971-73 (MISC 77)
  • William Hugh Clifford Frend, ecclesiastical historian: papers rel to his work during the Second World War (copies) c1944 (MISC 78)
  • George Cecil Hans Hamilton (1888-1960), lawyer and businessman: memoir of his role in the Normandy landings of 1944 (MISC 80)
  • Charles Patrick Fleeming Jenkin (b1926), Lord Jenkin of Roding, politician: further political and personal papers (JENK)
  • Sir Alan Frederick Lascelles, private secretary to George VI (addnl): letters to Sir Rupert Hart-Davis 1957-81 (LASL AS)
  • Kenneth Alfred Lamport Parker, civil servant: papers rel to the London Civil Defence Region c1941-45 and riots in Britain in 1981 c1938-81 (PARKER)
  • John Alan Redwood, MP: political papers c1975-83 (RDWD)
  • Nigel John Spearing MP (b1930): papers rel to European affairs (SPRG)
  • Finchley Conservative Association (addnl): misc papers 20th cent (FINC)