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Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2005 Accessions

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  • Freda Collins, author and playwright: corresp and papers rel to religious drama 1939-60 (MS Add. 9712)
  • Arthur Bernard Deacon (d 1927), anthropologist: letters to Margaret Gardiner (MS Add. 9715)
  • Sir Geoffrey Storrs Fry, private secretary to Stanley Baldwin: corresp and papers c1850-1950 (MS Add. 9710)
  • George Gomori, poet, translator and literary scholar: corresp and papers c1950-2005 (MS Add. 9716)
  • Sir Edmund William Gosse, poet, biographer and literary critic: edition of his Life of Philip Henry Gosse (1890), grangerised with Gosse family letters, photographs and papers c1890 (MS Add. 9713)
  • William Hugh Plommer (1922-1983), classical scholar (addnl): corresp and papers rel to Vitruvius (MS Add. 9367 (addnl))
  • Edward Rose, playwright (addnl): diaries and notebook 1865-1904 (MS Add. 9526 (addnl))
  • Anne Stevenson, poet: further corresp and literary papers c1990-2005 (MS Add. 9451 (addnl))
  • Robert Thouless (fl 1922-44), psychologist: further papers (MS Add. 9663 (addnl))
  • Donald Welbourn (b 1916), engineer: MS autobiography and memoirs (2vols) (MS Add. 9711)
  • Cambridge Journal of Economics (addnl): papers submitted to the journal 2001 (MS Add. 8379 (addnl))
  • Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge and Over: records 20th cent-2005 (MS Rampant Lions)
  • Cambridge University Ice Hockey Club: further records c1990-1999 (MS Add. 8087)
  • Cambridge University New Pythagoreans and Archimedeans Mathematical Society (addnl): minute book 1986-90 and papers 1983-92 1983-1992 (MS Add. 8265 (addnl))
  • Cambridge University Socialist Club (addnl): minutes 1956-1959 (MS Add. 7455 (addnl))
  • Cambridge University Wireless Society (addnl): log book 1932-35 and record books 1944-82 1932-1982 (MS Add. 8379 (addnl))
  • Cambridge University Press: corresp with solar physicists, incl WS Adams, JB Hubrecht and Hugh Frank Newall c1913-16 (MS Add. 9709)
  • Sir George Garnett, composer: MS score of his cantata 'The Shunammite' 1882 (MS Add. 9718)
  • Statutes of the guild or confraternity of St Anthony of Bordeaux late 15th cent (MS Add. 9714)